School LanyardsSchools are always looking for ways that they can increase their efforts at ensuring the safety of both the students and the faculty. If it happens that that method is also inexpensive it is an additional bonus. The lanyard is one such product.

Schools everywhere are now requiring that every students have ID. Many schools have taken an additional step and are requiring that the student wear their ID while they are on school grounds. School lanyards have been adopted as the perfect way for students to be able to meet these requirements.

Every student can wear a lanyard. Lanyards by nature are a long cord that is worn around a person’s neck. This means that any student can wear an ID lanyard. It does not matter how bog or old the students. Additionally, a lanyard can be worn over any kind of clothing. Students need not worry about damaging their clothes in any way, unlike traditional pin-on IDs which may cause runs or hole in delicate materials. Lanyards can also be worn by the entire faculty.

Lanyards can be customized by the school itself. Rather than allowing students to but any lanyard off the street the school can ask that every person attending purchase an inexpensive lanyard. The money that the school makes on the sale of the lanyards can be used to fund all different kinds of programs. Furthermore by controlling the sale of the lanyards every institution can make certain that the students are all wearing breakaway safety lanyards.

School can also control what kind of holder students are permitted to use. Numerous schools want to make certain that the ID is clearly visible on both sides. Schools can order rigid plastic ID holders at the same time that they are purchasing the lanyard.

A breakaway lanyard is one that incorporates a special release buckle at the back. This buckle is designed to instantly release if it is put under any kind of pressure. The pressure could be caused by a person catching the object while they are on the playground. Alternatively, if another individual tries to grab the lanyard from the wearer it will release. A person who is not wearing a safety lanyard under these kinds of circumstances could suffer from a serious neck injury or suffer a burn from the cord.

The other benefit to having the school purchase their own lanyards is that a school can make a bulk order. They can take advantage of any deals that a supplier may have to offer to customers making large purchases.

Schools are recognizing that security is a major issue everywhere. Anything that they can do to help ensure the safety of all people in the faculty should take top priority.