Safety LanyardsLanyard companies are recognizing the fact that it is not always safe for an individual to wear a lanyard around their neck. To accommodate people who may be at risk when wearing a standard lanyard they are offering breakaway or safety lanyards.

The safety is lanyard is one that will release if it is put under any kind of pressure. What this actually means, is that if any person tries to grab the lanyard away from the wearer it will open and the person will not be injured. This same principal applies if the wearer does get the lanyard caught or snagged on anything.

The most common safety lanyard is the release buckle. The clasps are at the back of the lanyard and do not affect the look or the length of the cord. The other option is to get a Velcro strip. The strip is also at the back of the lanyard and will release if pulled.

Why would you want this safety option? Consider the following:

Cashiers who work in any kind of retail outlet are frequently asked to wear the keys to display cabinets on a lanyard. If the store does get robbed and the thief makes a grab for the keys the clerk will not be injured in the attack.

Children who are either wearing a school ID lanyard or are carrying keys should always be required to wear a safety lanyard. Youngsters often spend their lunch and recess climbing on various piece of outdoor equipment. There is always the chance that while they are jumping and climbing the lanyard may get caught of tangled. This could result in a serious burn or neck injury if the cord does not release.

Any person who is involved in an active sport and is carrying their cell phone on a lanyard should have a safety lanyard. People hate to leave their phones behind regardless of the activity in which they plan on participating. Snowboarders, boaters, hikers and cyclists etc. are all at risk from injury if the lanyard becomes caught.

It is a common safety regulation that any person who has to work around any kind of machinery not have something hanging from their neck. However, if the person is wearing a safety lanyard this regulation can be disregarded.

Individuals who are employed in any kind of security work and also need to wear an ID tag can wear the safety lanyard. This principal applies from volunteers in the neighbourhood watch to those who are directly involved in law enforcement.

A breakaway lanyard is ideal for any person who has any concerns about wearing a standard lanyard.