LanyardsLanyards have been around for hundreds of years. It was the creation of sailors on the high seas. Sailors needed to find a way to carry their knife while climbing into the rigging of a tall ship. Since they often did not have pockets they were forced to either grip their daggers is their teeth or try to hold it and climb at the same time. The solution they devised was the lanyard.

Lanyards were made from a piece of cord and then tied around the person’s neck. As any person closely associated with boats can tell you a sailor has to be educated in the use of knots. A few hundred years ago this knowledge was even more important. Sailors used this knowledge to tie their knife to the cord and then around their neck. The knot that was often used to hold the knife became known as a lanyard knife knot or a diamond knot.

Since these days the lanyard has evolved. It has been worn in many different ways. One of the most popular lanyard designs are worn around the wrist. Wrist lanyards are often worn by people who are concerned about losing their keys. Bank tellers and cashiers are often seen sporting this type of lanyard.

The shoulder lanyard is another common want to wear a lanyard. The military often uses this kind of lanyard as a decoration. The USA Army wears the blue cord over their right shoulder. It is properly called the Blue Cord. The Blue cord is presented to all USA Infantry men who complete their infantry training. The yellow cord is another commonly seen decoration. The cord indicates that the wearer is an aid to a high ranking officer or is in service to the Whitehouse.

The military in Australia often wear lanyards. The Infantry wear a lanyard on their left shoulder to indicate which battalion they belong to. The white indicates the artillery, the red the 4th Royal Australian Regiment etc. The other military corps wear their lanyards on the right shoulder.

Another way that people wear lanyard is as a belt attachment.  A belt lanyard is ideal for the man who does not want to have his wallet stole. Many men choose to keep their wallets in their back pocket. This is a prime target of many a pick-pocket. It is also convenient for a person who is worried that their cell phone might be stole out of a holster or belt carrier. It is an additional security device.

The belt lanyard is favoured by people who are in the military. In the heat of a battle anything can happen. This is especially true if the battle is one that is hand to hand combat. Soldiers have learned the value of using a lanyard to secure their sidearm. No soldier wants to discover that he has dropped his sidearm r it has fallen out of its holster. The same goes for anyone who chooses to wear a knife on their belt.

Lanyards are a very old device but it is one that continues to have value.