lanyardsThe uses for a lanyard go way beyond carrying keys and holding ID. They can, in fact, be used to hold and carry any item that you want to have right at your finger tips, while ensuring that you always have your hands free. Furthermore, these versatile devices are capable of carrying more than one item at a time.

Lanyards are an ideal tool for personal safety. Police and people who teach self defence courses advocate that you should always try to leave yourself the option of running. This is especially important when it comes to children or small individuals. If you have a defensive self-protection device like an alarm or a horn on your lanyard, you can activate it while you are running. Furthermore, if you are attempting to escape it will not be dropped.

While you are travelling the lanyard makes the perfect place to keep an emergency cash supply. You should never keep all of your money in one location. If your wallet or purse does get stolen you do not want to be without cash. There is a very good chance that if you keep a lanyard under your shirt it will not be taken at the same time. You can also use the lanyard to secure your wallet to your belt. This safety measure is a great way to thwart pick pockets.

Lanyards are a creative personal gift. The thing that makes the lanyard personal is the fact that you can have them completely customized. If you are getting a lanyard designed you could have the name of the birthday person placed on the cord. You may also want to include the date of their birth or simply have the phrase Happy Birthday written on the ribbon. You can apply this same idea to almost any kind of gift. Lanyards are great at baby showers, bar mitzvahs and weddings.

The sports person can make use of the lanyard in a number of different ways. If they are planning to venture into a remote area, they can use the lanyard to carry a map, a compass or a GPS unit. It is a great place to keep an emergency survival kit.

If you own your company and are searching for a method to get some inexpensive advertizing the lanyard is perfect. You can get the lanyard designed using your company’s name and slogan. Furthermore, you can make certain that you include a means for the customer to contact you on the ribbon. You can incorporate a phone number, address or website right in the design.

Lanyards may have been created to carry knives for sailors, but that is by no means where their use ended. There are literally thousands of uses for the versatile lanyard.