Lanyards are a very old and simple idea that are still of use in a high-tech world. From aiding with security to making a simple dog walk easier, the lanyard is proving its worth in countless different ways.

Lanyards are an old gadget used by sailors aboard tall ships. This device was the inspiration of the men who had to climb the rigging of a ship no matter what the weather or how rough the waves. While the boat was tossing and turning, they would scamper up the lines and adjust the sails.

What made this job even more hazardous was the fact that they often have to try to get to the top of the sail while carrying a knife. They came up with the idea of tying a piece of rope around their neck and attaching a knife. This handy idea meant that no matter where a sailor was, he always had a knife. Additionally, when he was asked to climb to the crow’s nest, he would be able to have the use of both of his hands.

If you take a look around today you will see that people everywhere are finding new and innovative ways to use a lanyard. Many individuals like to use a lanyard to carry keys. This is probably one of the most common things that a lanyard is used for. The other common way that a lanyard is being used is as an ID holder. Many businesses ask that their staff all have on an ID badge during their shifts. To accommodate this request employees often choose to use a lanyard. These are common ways to use lanyards but there are many more uses for this device.

Cell phones are everywhere. Teenagers, seniors, everyone has a cell phone. A lanyard is the perfect place to keep a cell phone. There are times when you are not going to want to have your purse with you, but you are going to want your cell phone. Times like when you are out walking the dog, or working in the garden, this is the time for a lanyard. When you are riding your bike or jogging down the road, this is a great time to have your phone on a lanyard as well. Furthermore, i  any type of MP3 player or similar device you can benefit from a lanyard.

Do you have a pair of sunglasses? Almost everyone does. A lanyard is an ideal way of making certain that you do not forget your glasses. Individuals who are not accustomed to wearing glasses all the time frequently take their glasses off and forget where they left them. This is especially true if you are in a situation where you are going from outside to inside frequently. When, for example, you are doing your weekly errands and are running in out and of various stores you will find that a lanyard will save you a lot of effort.

From the days of the tall ships to a modern world of computers and the internet, lanyards are one idea that has more than proven its worth.