Camping is the perfect time to bring plenty of lanyards. A lanyard can be used in all kinds of different ways to make the trip easier.

When you go camping with children it makes things much easier if you attach a flashlight to a lanyard. This way your child can carry their own light and it will not go missing or be accidently dropped. They will always know where it is and you will not have to spent time trying to find in their sleeping bag or somewhere in the motor home.

You may be on vacation but you may still want to keep your cell phone with you. If you are trying to unpack and get things set up this can be difficult. Attaching the phone to a lanyard will make it possible for you to have the phone with you at all times and still have your hands free.

The lanyard makes the perfect helper when you are concerned about your keys. If you plan to go to the beach or take the family on a walk you may want to lock the car or the motor home. Rather than having to stuff your keys in your pocket or carry them the whole time, attach them to lanyard.

There are many things that you have to do to get all set up and these often require a knife. Keeping the knife on a lanyard will not only ensure that you have it with you all the time it will make certain that the children do not grab it if you happen to be distracted.

You can also use the lanyard to carry any medications that you may need to have. If you are going for a nature hike you will most likely not want to have to carry all kinds of different bags. A lanyard can ensure that you know exactly where the medication is at all times. This is essential if you do have a child that is allergic to bee stings.

While you are out hiking it is always advisable to bring along a bottle of water. By using lanyards everybody can have their own drink with them all the time. It also makes certain that nobody drops their bottle or leaves any garbage behind. If you want you can change the attachment or add a lanyard pouch and permit the children to have their own small snack bag.

If you are taking the family dog you can set up a doggy lanyard pouch. In the pouch you can store a few treats and his clean-up bags. You may even want to stick in a couple of convenient handy wipes.

A camping trip is supposed to be fun but it can get a little crazy if you are not organized. Lanyards can help make certain that important things do not get lost or misplaced.