Lanyards are a great way to give your company a boost in its advertizing. Almost every kind of advertizing is extremely expensive. However, designing a lanyard and knowing how to properly distribute them can prove beneficial.

One to make your lanyards work for you is to get your staff to all wear them. There are two approaches that you can use in this stragey. One is to have the employees all wear them when they are working and the second is to simply give them to your staff as gifts. Both methods have advantages.

In the first scenario, you can incorporate security issues. Ask your staff to wear an ID at all times while they are on the clock. This will identify your staff to any customers on the premises. Additionally, if your workers have to do any field work every person who sees the person will know which company is on the site.

Many companies give various personnel keys to secure areas, or items. Keys have a habit of being misplaced. To reduce the chance of any of your keys being lost is to ask your staff to always have the keys on a lanyard. If there is any possibility of a confrontation of any kind get your staff breakaway lanyards. Alternatively, you can provide the workers with wrist lanyards.

Another way to make use of the lanyards is to get ones made that incorporate the wallet attachment. These can be incorporated into special in-house deals or sales. You might want to think about getting your staff to offer customers in house sale coupons. Another idea is to have the staff hand out feedback cards. This is a great way to find out what your customers are thinking. To sweeten the deal make the response cards part of a raffle.

Wallet lanyards can also be used to advertize up-coming event or promotions. All that you have to do is to make –up some simple cards and place them into the wallet. You can change the in-house advertisements at any time.

In the second method you give out custom lanyards to your entire staff and hope that they start to wear and use them when they are off duty. This works in the same way as any giveaway. You try and select the attachment that you think will be the best option for the people in your employ.

The same lanyard which you hand you to your workers can be given to repeat customers. In any kind of business, showing customers that you value their patronage is very important. Thanking existing clients is something that many companies forget to do. This can be a costly mistake. People who do not feel valued will find other places to do their business.

It is important that when you are selecting and designing your lanyard you think very carefully about how you intend to use them. If you really want to get the get the most out of your advertizing you want to make certain that you pick the right attachment for the job.