Custom imprinted lanyards can carry your brand or message throughout an organization or educational institution, while also giving the wearers a convenient way to carry name badges, key cards, pens, USB drives and other important items.

Looking for the most detail possible on your custom lanyard design? Imprinted Nylon lanyards are a perfect option for detailed logos or images and offer a surface that allows for high detail silk-screening. They make the perfect gift to advertise your business of organization. Imprinted Nylon lanyards are slightly thicker and reveal a more shiny appearance and are recognized for their sheen and smooth texture, they are extremely durable and will make your logo seem to pop off the lanyard.
Why Lanyard is preferred for advertising tool?

The nylon material has been used over years at one of the most preferred printing material when it comes to detail logo or artwork screen printing. The advantage of Nylon over its other competitor material just as polyester and tube is that the thread count of the material is very high, which makes it a closely pack material suitable for detail logo printing. In addition to that, the shiny look and smoother surface bring out the text better than any other lanyards materials. Regarless of your need to low quantity order or wholesale lanyards, can make the best looking Nylon lanyards for all your advertising and promotional need.

You can order Nylon lanyard along with Buckle release or safety breakaway as well. Safety breakaway provides additional security to the user and also makes the lanyards look more fashionable. This life saving device is often the choice of people who want to wear a lanyard but are at risk of being in an altercation. It is the perfect choice for anyone working in a security job or law enforcement. It is also extremely useful for any person who might upon occasion, discover themselves around any type of machinery or equipment where the lanyard could be a potential danger. The big advantage of this style over other fasteners is its ability to release quickly and easily. Breakaway buckles are usually made of a durable plastic material which means that no matter how cold the weather is they will not freeze and can still easily open and close. Metal fasteners can become tricky to operate in cold or rainy conditions and small clasps and clips can be difficult for both seniors and young people to operate. Once you are familiar with the buckle you can easily operate it in the dark.