Sublimation-LanyardCustom full color lanyards should be just that. You can buy a lanyard in almost any mall. You can get them in all various colors, styles and with several different attachments. If you take a little time you can find one that will really suits you and be able to do exactly what you want it to.

The first thing you should consider is why you are buying a lanyard. Do you want one to carry your cell phone or MP3 player? Are you getting one to take on your boat? Does your son need a place to carry his keys? All of these different tasks will require a distinct attachment.

The environment is an ever growing concern. People are searching for ways that they can recycle all the time. One small thing that you can do to help is to purchase a lanyard that has an “O” ring. This attachment is flexible and will fit almost any kind of plastic water bottle. You can use the lanyard and attach a bottle to carry with you all day long. Rather than throwing the bottle away you can refill it and use it again.

Safety is always a concern when you are out on the water. One of the things that is recommended by the coast guard is that you have a whistle or other noise making device with you at all times. This is hard to do if you are riding on a jet-ski. With the right attachment, you can have a whistle with you all the time. If you do get thrown into the water, you will still have the lanyard and the whistle.

A breakaway lanyard with a key attachment is the perfect option for any parent who has to let their child carry keys to school. Children, no matter how responsible, have a tendency to lose things. By providing your child with a lanyard and a key ring you will greatly reduce the chances of the keys getting lost. The breakaway feature will ensure that if the lanyard does get pulled by another pupil, it will release. The same thing will happen if the lanyard gets caught on a piece of playground equipment.

Glasses are another way that you can make use of a lanyard. Sunglasses are very expensive. That last thing that you want to do is to leave them in a store or in a restaurant. To make certain that this does not happen, you can buy a lanyard that has a glass’s attachment.

Lanyards can be multi-functional. You can have more than one attachment on your lanyard at a time. You can use the lanyard to carry both your cell phone and a water bottle. Personalized full color lanyards are ones that you customize. If you need to have a place to keep your sunglasses and to hold your keys get the attachments that will let you do this.

Lanyards are a simple gadget. They are inexpensive, and you can find them anywhere. They are convenient, practical and they can make your life easier. Do settle for the first one that you see, get a truly personalized lanyard.