Neck LanyardsNeck lanyards are the most common kind of lanyards. These simple items can be used to carry all kinds of different items, depending upon what the wearer wants to have with them.

A neck lanyard is the perfect way to carry your sunglasses. How many times have you left your sunglasses behind? How many pairs have you lost over the years? By changing the attachment on your lanyard you can keep your sunglasses with you at all times. Many people are in the habit of flipping their glasses onto their head when they are not wearing them. This is fine if you are not concerned about your hairstyle, and you are going to move around a lot. However, if you are worried that they may fall, you should use a neck lanyard.

The neck lanyard is an ideal place to keep your digital camera. There are many times when you are out, and you do not want to have a bulky case with you, and you still want to be able to take pictures. A lanyard is the ideal solution. You can have your camera at the ready all the time in case that great photo opportunity comes up and yet not have to worry about having your hands free.

This same principle applies to your cell phone. There are times when you are not going to have pockets, but you still need to have your phone close by. You can easily get a lanyard hook and attach your cell phone in a matter of seconds.

Another great use of neck lanyards is for a water bottle. Many lanyard manufacturers are aware of the problem with plastic bottles filling up all the landfills and creating a huge environmental issue. To help alleviate this situation they are providing attachments to their lanyards, which will permit you to carry a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go. This means that you will be able to have a place to carry your bottle and will not have to worry about adding to the ever growing problem of plastic waste.

The neck lanyard can also be used to help you manage your dog. For those people walking their pet in the city or any urban area that requires an owner to clean up after their pet the lanyard provides the perfect place to keep cleanup bags. You can fill a lanyard pouch with a couple of bags and even a pair of disposable gloves and have them with you when you need them.

A neck lanyard is really an invaluable device. If you think about it, you can find hundreds of different ways that you can use neck lanyards everyday to help make your life simpler.