The environment is a concern of many people all over the planet. This concern extends not only to individuals, but to big companies and manufacturers. Companies are researching methods that will improve the ways in which the produce their goods and the kinds of material that they use in their finished products. The lanyard is no exception to this effort.

Lanyard producers are experimenting with different materials that will make their products friendlier to the environment. One of the materials that they have begun utilizing is bamboo. Bamboo is very fast growing plant. The speed at which it grows makes it an ideal crop for farmers. They can have a crop within no time and replant quickly. This rapid growth translates to mean that farmers can keep up with the demands of the market. In order to keep pace with demands they will not have to destroy existing forests or natural surroundings.

The bamboo plant is a very hardy plant. It can grown and survive in virtually climate. Many people believe that it is exclusive to tropical regions but this is not the case. It has been successfully grown in many different temperate zones around the world. It also does not require a lot of water which means that it can be grown without irrigation worries.

Another important factor is that the bamboo plant is very hardy. It does not succumb to disease very easily nor does it fall victim to insects. In terms of farming this hardiness means that a farmer does not have to worry about spraying the plants with insecticides.  This is of huge benefit to the environment. It is always preferable to have a crop that does not require any type of chemical aid. They are also not required to use expensive fertilizers or supplements to ensure a healthy crop.

Bamboo also has a unique property. It has its own antibacterial agents. These agents are one of the reasons that it is so resilient. These agents remain in the bamboo after harvesting. It also stays in the fibres after processing and numerous washings. These antibacterials remain active and will help your lanyard to stay clean and germ free.

Since  bamboo is a plant, it is biodegradable. You will not have to be concerned about adding to the overflowing landfill issues. It can also be recycled. If you have access to a decent recycling factory, you can drop of your bamboo for processing.

Cotton is a fabric which lanyard producers have been using for years. It has many of the exact same properties that bamboo has. It is a crop plant that is harvested solely for the purpose of making cloth. Cotton is recyclable. The recycling industry has been able to reuse cotton for many years. It is also biodegradable.

If you are a person who is concerned about the environment and what is happening to the planet you can buy a cotton or bamboo lanyard free of guilt. You can wear one knowing that they are not adding to the pollution issues.