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The Many Lanyard Attachments

LanyardsLanyards are completely customizable. As a buyer, one of the choices that you will have to make is the attachment. Although, this may seem like a trivial part of the process, it is vital. If you want people to use and wear the lanyard you have to make certain that your clients will want to use it. The attachments and options are going to make the difference.

The slip key ring is among the most common attachments. However, there are ways that you can improve upon this attachment. Consider how and when your clients will be wearing and using the lanyard. If you think that the person will be using the lanyard to carry their car keys you should think about additional options. The snap buckle is one choice hat you may want to investigate. The snap buckle is located at the bottom front of a lanyard. When the person needs to use their keys they can detach the lower section of the lanyard. The other choice is the pull-apart clasp.

Lanyard cords usually are a standard length. However, the length of the cord may not be right for everyone. There are many people who want to be able to shorten the cord. There are two common ways of doing this. The slide bead is a popular choice. The bead is slipped on at the back of the lanyard and can be moved and locked at any length which appeals to the wearer. The cinch is another option that will shorten the cord.

The retractable reel is another option that you should consider. The retractable reel can be combined with the key ring. This particular clasp permits the person to use the keys in a car door without having to detach the keys. Furthermore, this option is ideal for any person who has to wear their keys while they are working. Sales clerks are frequently asked to keep drawer or display keys on a lanyard. The retractable reel option permits the person to open these and still them around their neck.

The breakaway lanyard is another option that warrants investigation. If your clients are concerned about wearing a standard lanyard then you must consider the safety option. The buckle is designed to release the instant that it is placed under any kind of strain. If the lanyard is pulled or gets caught it will release. This option is ideal for children and people who work around heavy equipment.

Customizing a lanyard is all about choice.  When you are customizing your lanyard remember that your choices include cord options and attachments.

Schools and Lanyards

School LanyardsSchools are always looking for ways that they can increase their efforts at ensuring the safety of both the students and the faculty. If it happens that that method is also inexpensive it is an additional bonus. The lanyard is one such product.

Schools everywhere are now requiring that every students have ID. Many schools have taken an additional step and are requiring that the student wear their ID while they are on school grounds. School lanyards have been adopted as the perfect way for students to be able to meet these requirements.

Every student can wear a lanyard. Lanyards by nature are a long cord that is worn around a person’s neck. This means that any student can wear an ID lanyard. It does not matter how bog or old the students. Additionally, a lanyard can be worn over any kind of clothing. Students need not worry about damaging their clothes in any way, unlike traditional pin-on IDs which may cause runs or hole in delicate materials. Lanyards can also be worn by the entire faculty.

Lanyards can be customized by the school itself. Rather than allowing students to but any lanyard off the street the school can ask that every person attending purchase an inexpensive lanyard. The money that the school makes on the sale of the lanyards can be used to fund all different kinds of programs. Furthermore by controlling the sale of the lanyards every institution can make certain that the students are all wearing breakaway safety lanyards.

School can also control what kind of holder students are permitted to use. Numerous schools want to make certain that the ID is clearly visible on both sides. Schools can order rigid plastic ID holders at the same time that they are purchasing the lanyard.

A breakaway lanyard is one that incorporates a special release buckle at the back. This buckle is designed to instantly release if it is put under any kind of pressure. The pressure could be caused by a person catching the object while they are on the playground. Alternatively, if another individual tries to grab the lanyard from the wearer it will release. A person who is not wearing a safety lanyard under these kinds of circumstances could suffer from a serious neck injury or suffer a burn from the cord.

The other benefit to having the school purchase their own lanyards is that a school can make a bulk order. They can take advantage of any deals that a supplier may have to offer to customers making large purchases.

Schools are recognizing that security is a major issue everywhere. Anything that they can do to help ensure the safety of all people in the faculty should take top priority.


The Safety Lanyard

Safety LanyardsLanyard companies are recognizing the fact that it is not always safe for an individual to wear a lanyard around their neck. To accommodate people who may be at risk when wearing a standard lanyard they are offering breakaway or safety lanyards.

The safety is lanyard is one that will release if it is put under any kind of pressure. What this actually means, is that if any person tries to grab the lanyard away from the wearer it will open and the person will not be injured. This same principal applies if the wearer does get the lanyard caught or snagged on anything.

The most common safety lanyard is the release buckle. The clasps are at the back of the lanyard and do not affect the look or the length of the cord. The other option is to get a Velcro strip. The strip is also at the back of the lanyard and will release if pulled.

Why would you want this safety option? Consider the following:

Cashiers who work in any kind of retail outlet are frequently asked to wear the keys to display cabinets on a lanyard. If the store does get robbed and the thief makes a grab for the keys the clerk will not be injured in the attack.

Children who are either wearing a school ID lanyard or are carrying keys should always be required to wear a safety lanyard. Youngsters often spend their lunch and recess climbing on various piece of outdoor equipment. There is always the chance that while they are jumping and climbing the lanyard may get caught of tangled. This could result in a serious burn or neck injury if the cord does not release.

Any person who is involved in an active sport and is carrying their cell phone on a lanyard should have a safety lanyard. People hate to leave their phones behind regardless of the activity in which they plan on participating. Snowboarders, boaters, hikers and cyclists etc. are all at risk from injury if the lanyard becomes caught.

It is a common safety regulation that any person who has to work around any kind of machinery not have something hanging from their neck. However, if the person is wearing a safety lanyard this regulation can be disregarded.

Individuals who are employed in any kind of security work and also need to wear an ID tag can wear the safety lanyard. This principal applies from volunteers in the neighbourhood watch to those who are directly involved in law enforcement.

A breakaway lanyard is ideal for any person who has any concerns about wearing a standard lanyard.

Selecting a Lanyard Supplier

lanyardThe most important part of selecting any product that you want to use as a giveaway or promotional item is finding the perfect supplier.

What should you look for in a supplier?

You want to make certain that the company is legitimate. Millions of individuals every year are unfortunately duped by fraudulent internet companies. What can you do to ensure that this does not happen to you?

Investigate the company. You have to determine how long the company has been in business. One of the ways that you can do this is to read about the company and do not rely on information that the company provides about themselves. Validate the information from a reliable source.

Look into the history of the organization. Go online and check for blogs or websites that offer opinions and comments about suppliers. People who are misled or invest unwisely are often very vocal in their opinions. Check with unbiased resources like the better business bureau and consumer reports.

Investigate how you can contact the company. Do they have a telephone number? Do they have an actual building? Are they only available by email?

If you do decide to purchase lanyards what are your payment options? Never pay for anything in advance unless you are absolutely certain about the company and its reputation.  One of the best ways to pay for anything is to use an online payment service.

What choices does the company offer?

When you are designing a lanyard you are going to want to select the one that will best suit your needs. There are three common methods for designing a lanyard. The first is called a “woven” lanyard. In this method the information of printing is actually sewn onto the cord. The second method is called silk screening. This is the most common technique. This method is ideal for most applications. However, if you want to incorporate a detailed image onto the ribbon you should consider the process referred to as full color.

You will also need to determine what kind of clasps the supplier has to offer. The attachment is one of the most important elements of the lanyard and you should make certain that the producer has the one that you want o pick. You should also invest what other lanyard options the manufacturer is able to provide.  Do they have safety breakaway lanyards? What kinds of ID cases are available?

You will also want to investigate bulk purchasing. Lanyard suppliers are frequently able to offer to offer bulk prices. Additionally, some producers are willing to waive shipping and handling.

Selecting the right producer is vital. No matter what kind of lanyard you are planning to design you must have a supplier who is able to meet all of your requirements.

Full Color Lanyards

A full color lanyard is far more than a lanyard that has more than one color. It actually refers to the method used to create the lanyard. There are a number of different ways that a lanyard can be produced.

One of the most common ways of producing lanyards is by using a silk screen method. Although, the term silk screening was not coined or patented until 1907, when Samuel Simon a British inventor received the patent. Silk screening has actually been around for well over a thousand years. Before this time, countless other materials had been used as a screen. No matter what kind of screening was used, the final objective was to be able to print colors onto fabric.

Full color lanyards use an entirely different method of printing or dying. In this technique the dye goes through a process which is known as dye sublimation. Dye sublimation is a scientific term for any substance, which changes from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid. To do this the dye is subjected to extreme heat.

Why is this important? This process is necessary to ensure that an image is recreated perfectly onto the material. When the process of dye sublimation is employed, colors are able to maintain their continuous appearance. Silk screenings images frequently have a disjointed or pixilated look. Colors seem to start and stop abruptly rather than blend. Alternatively, colors may run or bleed into each other. This often happens when liquid dyes are applied to fabric.

The other major benefit of this technique is the fact that it is able to penetrate deeper into the material. In silk screening and similar methods the dye often sits on the top of the material. It may be absorbed to a certain degree, but nowhere to that of a gas. This means that any fabric dyed using a full color technique will be less likely to fade, crack or peel.

Companies that are considering buying lanyards should consider using this process especially if they are considering having an image imprinted onto the cord. The process of dye sublimation is ideal for having detailed logos or actual pictures placed on the lanyard.

Another way of creating a lanyard is by employing a technique known as a “weave” or “woven”. This method is similar to sewing or embroidery. The lettering or message is actually sewn onto the cord. This technique cannot do detailed images or employ a wide range of colors.

Full color lanyards can be created using almost any kind of material. You can choose to have a silk, cotton or polyester lanyard made. Bamboo is one material that many people do not even realize is available. No matter which fabric you do select, the full color process can be employed.

Lanyards are an ideal promotional giveaway. They can be completely customized. Companies not only get to select the colors, and the message they can choose the process by which the cord is dyed. If you are considering having lanyards designed you may want to consider employing the full color lanyard.

The Traveling Lanyard

LanyardLanyards make great traveling companions.  Traveling can be a hectic time and anything that makes it easier and safer should be given serious consideration.  There are several ways that using a simple lanyard can accomplish these things.

One of the first things that any person planning on flying is going to encounter is the new airport security. When in an airport an individual will be required to provide their ID and travel documents at various different times. To help keep all of you things organized and convenient get a wallet lanyard. You will find it much simpler to have everything in a wallet around your neck as opposed to having to dig through your wallet and carry-on every time you are asked to show your documents. Furthermore, if you are travelling with children you can have them use this same strategy. Each child can have their papers right at hand; this is much safer than simply asking a teen to hold onto their important papers.

When you arrive at your destination you are probably going to do some sightseeing. A lanyard can prove invaluable if you are taking any kind of medication. While you are enjoying the sight you may not want to have a large bag or have pockets large enough to carry your medication. You can store all the medication that you need for the day on a lanyard.

This solution has an added benefit which is security. Most travel advice recommends that you do not carry all of your medications with you at one time. Depending upon where you intend to go, it may be almost impossible to replace any medication that is lost or stolen. By using a lanyard you will only to have the exact amount of medication that you require for the day.

Everybody likes to take pictures of their trip. However, carrying around a bulky awkward camera case is not always possible. Carrying a camera on a lanyard is a great alternative. You can have the camera right at your finger tips. You will not have to race to get the camera out of the case before taking a shot. Additionally, the lanyard will make certain that you do not inadvertently leave the camera behind.

People frequently choose to travel to warm climates. While you are in a hot or tropical region you must make certain that you do not become dehydrated. Unfortunately, it is often advised that you do not drink the water in many of these regions. This includes drinking anything which contains ice. This is where the lanyard comes in. Rather, than going out sightseeing and hoping that you will be able to locate a suitable beverage you can take one with you. Get a lanyard which has an “I” ring clasp. This attachment will permit you to carry almost any kind of plastic container that you want to bring along.

Traveling should be fu and relaxing. Traveling with a lanyard can take a few of the small hassles out of your trip.

Lanyards – Perfect For Camping

Camping is the perfect time to bring plenty of lanyards. A lanyard can be used in all kinds of different ways to make the trip easier.

When you go camping with children it makes things much easier if you attach a flashlight to a lanyard. This way your child can carry their own light and it will not go missing or be accidently dropped. They will always know where it is and you will not have to spent time trying to find in their sleeping bag or somewhere in the motor home.

You may be on vacation but you may still want to keep your cell phone with you. If you are trying to unpack and get things set up this can be difficult. Attaching the phone to a lanyard will make it possible for you to have the phone with you at all times and still have your hands free.

The lanyard makes the perfect helper when you are concerned about your keys. If you plan to go to the beach or take the family on a walk you may want to lock the car or the motor home. Rather than having to stuff your keys in your pocket or carry them the whole time, attach them to lanyard.

There are many things that you have to do to get all set up and these often require a knife. Keeping the knife on a lanyard will not only ensure that you have it with you all the time it will make certain that the children do not grab it if you happen to be distracted.

You can also use the lanyard to carry any medications that you may need to have. If you are going for a nature hike you will most likely not want to have to carry all kinds of different bags. A lanyard can ensure that you know exactly where the medication is at all times. This is essential if you do have a child that is allergic to bee stings.

While you are out hiking it is always advisable to bring along a bottle of water. By using lanyards everybody can have their own drink with them all the time. It also makes certain that nobody drops their bottle or leaves any garbage behind. If you want you can change the attachment or add a lanyard pouch and permit the children to have their own small snack bag.

If you are taking the family dog you can set up a doggy lanyard pouch. In the pouch you can store a few treats and his clean-up bags. You may even want to stick in a couple of convenient handy wipes.

A camping trip is supposed to be fun but it can get a little crazy if you are not organized. Lanyards can help make certain that important things do not get lost or misplaced.


The Custom Lanyard

Custom LanyardThe custom lanyard makes a great promotional giveaway item. This has been proven over numerous years. Companies have been buying and customizing lanyards to their exact specification for decades. However, once you have the lanyards it is up to you to find the best ways to distribute them.

One of the most common places to see lanyards are at trade show and conventions. Companies often feel that this is a prime spot to giveaway their lanyards. Many of the guests and visitors at these shows are there due to their direct interest in the products or services being offered. This can be an effective distribution location but it is not the only one that you should consider.

One thing that you can do is to speak to your clients and find out what they enjoy doing in their free time. If you have a client base in a relatively small community you may find common places where they all congregate. It could be that there is a local sports team that interests them. As a small business you might want to think about offering the lanyards to the team.

You might simply ask the team to wear your lanyards or perhaps you can find a way that they could benefit from the lanyards. Alternatively, you might want to offer the lanyards to fans going to the game. The wallet lanyards could be used to carry and hold tickets or other important items. You might want to think about attaching a simple noise maker to the lanyards. These could be used by all the fans to show their support at the games.

Traditional lanyards could also be used to raise money for the team in question. You might talk to the team about using your lanyards as part of a fund raising effort. You can give a lanyard to any person who donates a certain amount of money to the team. Any person who gifted the team with ten or twenty dollars would be given a free lanyard. This is an ideal solution for both you and the team. Your lanyards are handed out to people who may be willing to wear them and will help to advertize your business and the team could raise money.

You can also keep a few of the lanyards for use in your own building. You might consider asking your employees to wear them while they are working. If you have ID tags you could even use the lanyards to increase your security efforts.

Another great use of the custom lanyard is to hand them out to clients who have concluded a business dealing with your firm. This is a great chance to thank the customer for their patronage. Many customers leave a business not because of poor service but simply due to the fact they feel that their company is not being appreciated. Offering a small token to established customer is a great method of ensuring that they will continue to do business with your firm.

There are literally hundreds of ways that you can make use of your lanyards. Take the time to explore and utilize as many of them as you can.


Lanyards – Best Promotional Item

LanyardsThere can be no doubt that lanyards make one of the very best promotional items. This is the reason that they are frequently seen at conventions and trade fairs. If you do purchase custom lanyards then you should consider where and how you might want to distribute these valuable marketing items.

Conventions and tradeshows will certainly provide you with one place that you can distribute lanyards. However, they are places where countless others may be doing the same thing. If you want to avoid having your lanyards compete against others you should investigates other places where you can offer your lanyards.

The first thing you should do is to think carefully about your target market. If you do not have a real idea of who it is that you want to target you need to do some market research. You should also consider if you want the focus of your campaign to cater to the same type of clients who are already patronizing your business or do you want to spread out into a new area.

When you have a good idea of the age or group that is going to be the focus of your operation, think about places where they like to go. Do not forget to consider the types of activities that they may like to do in their relaxation time. Your next step is to check into listings of all local groups and clubs in the regions.

A perfect example would be if you want to target seniors you should check the local paper and see what types of programs are being offered to them. Do not cross anything off your list. Examine everything from the local bird watchers society to social dances that are geared to mature adults. Think about ways that you could introduce your lanyards to these clubs and organizations.

The bird watchers might want to use the lanyard to carry their keys. Or perhaps you could provide them to the group with a special attachment that would enable them to carry a bird call whistle. In the case of the dances you might want to contact the organizing groups and offer them the use of your lanyards. They make a perfect way for people to wear name tags or membership cards.

While you are checking the listings take special note of where the events are being held. You might want to think about approaching the hall or center that is offering their services to these groups. They may be able to help you by distributing the lanyard to the different clubs that make use of their facility. They could offer the lanyard as a way of thanking groups for holding their meeting in their establishment. There is no better way of thanking a customer than being able to give them something concrete.  If this does prove to be an effect method for distributing your lanyards you may want to think about approaching the hall and designing a joint lanyard. The next time you design a lanyard you could think about including the name of the hall on the product in return for their assistance in distributing.

There are hundreds of ways that you can as a business use a lanyard to gain valuable advertizing. What you as a business operator and owner have to do is consider new and different ways to get the most from a promotional lanyard.

Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway lanyards offer a safety feature that everyone should consider. This safety device will instantly break apart if the lanyard is pulled or is put under any kind of pressure.

All across the nation schools are demanding that students not only have a lanyard, but they must have one that incorporates this device. This is being done as part of their efforts to increase security. Students are being asked to wear their ID any time they are on school grounds. It is not enough for them to merely carry the ID, they have to have it on display. Teachers want to be able to tell at a glance if the person has the right ID. However, the schools are aware of the dangers that a neck lanyard might pose. They realize that a neck lanyard could become caught or entangle which could potentially cause a serious injury. To avoid this situation students are being told to get a safety lanyard.

This kind of lanyard should be worn by any person who might be at risk. When traveling many people choose to carry their camera on a lanyard. This is a great idea. It ensures that you always have your camera ready and do not have to worry about carrying a case or any other kind of bag. However, is someone did try to steal the camera the lanyard could be a safety issue. Rather than take this kind of rick get a breakaway lanyard. A digital camera is not worth risking your health and well being. This same reasoning applies to people who want to carry MP# players or even cell phones on their lanyard.



Companies that ask that their employees wear ID lanyards are also demanding that all of their staff wear the safety lanyards. This does not just apply to individuals who work around machinery. It applies to sales clerks and cashiers. In some places it is the law that only safety lanyard be worn.

People who work and have to carry keys are also advised to have a safety lanyard. Rather than risk a having an employee suffer a neck injury should the facility be robbed employers are encouraging staff to let the thief take the keys. As an additional measure the employers want to ensure that if someone does try to grab the keys and run the lanyard will pull apart.

These great items should be worn by any person who is employed by any person who has dealing with the public. This includes everyone from the bouncer at the local pub to the meter maid on the street. It also includes any person who might be walking outside late at night. It is far better to lose your keys or your gadget, than to be dragged by a neck lanyard. A breakaway lanyard is an inexpensive way to get the advantage of wearing a lanyard without any of the risk.