Full color lanyards may be slightly more expensive than regular lanyards but they are well worth the price. If you are purchasing custom lanyards that are going to need to have a lot of color and a lot of detail you should spend the extra money to ensure that you do get the very best image possible.

The term full color lanyards is the same as dye sublimation. This is a very special dying process that a company uses when they want to create a picture quality image on fabric. If you do not understand the difference, think about the kind picture that the old dot matrix printers would produce. The pictures were pixelated and you could see exactly where each color started and stopped, there was no blending. The larger the image was the poorer the quality. Now consider the type of image that you can print using a good printer and photographic paper. If the printer is really good you will have an image that is of photographic quality.

The difference between the two processes when dying cloth is very distinct. One of the traditional methods is to use silk screen. This is a great way to produce lanyards that do not require a lot of detail. The dye is placed onto the cloth using a process called dithering. This is the same kind of method that a dot matrix printer would have used. However, if you want to get a more realistic image you have to use a better printer and a better system.

Full color lanyards are created by heating the dye to very hot temperatures extremely quickly. The dye is actually heated so fast that it is able to go from being a solid to a gas without ever becoming a liquid. This makes a dramatic difference in terms of image quality. You will be able to see that the colors have a blended continuous feel, they do not appear to start and stop. This makes a huge difference if you are trying to imprint a person’s picture onto fabric. You will also have much cleaner and clear tones. The tones and the image will not appear fuzzy or hazy. This can sometimes happen when liquid dyes are used.

Full color lanyards can be made using the same lanyards that other dying techniques use. You can still select a tubular style or go with a woven flat lanyard if that is your preference. You can also decide which type of attachment you want to have put on your custom lanyards. The only difference will be in the dying method itself.

Full color lanyards are available from any great company that manufacturers lanyards. It is one of the options that should be made available to you, as a customer when you are trying to create the perfect lanyard for your business.