Badge holder lanyards keep sailors safe. Safety is, and always should be, the number one concern of every single person. Water sports and activities have been on the rise for decades, but so have the number of accidents. Every type of craft, from yachts to canoes, have all seen a dramatic increase in their popularity. With the increase comes an increase in the risks and dangers. With a few simple attachments to your lanyard, you can greatly reduce the chances of being seriously hurt in a boating accident.

Historically the id lanyards was an invention of the sailor. The sailors would usually use the lanyard to carry their knife. By doing this, they could climb up and down the rigging with their knife and yet their hands would be free. This same concept is as valuable today as it was hundreds of years ago. The sailor of today can still make use of a lanyard and in many ways, the sailor of old would never have imagined.

Two of the most popular boats on the water today are the Jet Ski and the windsurfer. Both of these boats present a number of real safety issues. Most people understand and recognize the fact that you have to wear a life jacket at all times when you are operating one of these boats. It is very easy to have an accident and become separated from the craft.

Countless people who enjoy these boats seem to think that because there is not a lot of room or storage they should not have to follow the guidelines set out by the coast guard and other boating safety organizations. One of the recommendations is that you should always have a noisemaker with you when on the water. It does not matter if this is something as simple as a whistle or a horn.

This is one item that you can easily attach to a lanyard and wear to make certain that if you do get into trouble on the water someone will hear you. Another simple way to use the lanyard is to hold your cell phone or a gps unit. Either one of the things might save your life. A waterproof pouch attached to a lanyard is all you need to have to make certain that these things do not get wet. For additional safety, you can attach custom lanyards to a floatation device.

Ideally, you should be wearing the lanyard to make certain that if you do fall and become separated from the craft, you will be able to summon help. Even if you are unconscious, a gps unit or a cell phone that has a tracking implant will allow rescue workers to find you quickly. Alternatively, you should have the badge lanyard hooked onto the craft in some way. These are various different lanyard attachments that will make this very easy to do.

Hundreds of people die in boating accidents every single year. In fact, the numbers are so high that many places are changing the laws in regards to small craft and operators. Custom lanyards can save lives!