LanyardsLanyards are completely customizable. As a buyer, one of the choices that you will have to make is the attachment. Although, this may seem like a trivial part of the process, it is vital. If you want people to use and wear the lanyard you have to make certain that your clients will want to use it. The attachments and options are going to make the difference.

The slip key ring is among the most common attachments. However, there are ways that you can improve upon this attachment. Consider how and when your clients will be wearing and using the lanyard. If you think that the person will be using the lanyard to carry their car keys you should think about additional options. The snap buckle is one choice hat you may want to investigate. The snap buckle is located at the bottom front of a lanyard. When the person needs to use their keys they can detach the lower section of the lanyard. The other choice is the pull-apart clasp.

Lanyard cords usually are a standard length. However, the length of the cord may not be right for everyone. There are many people who want to be able to shorten the cord. There are two common ways of doing this. The slide bead is a popular choice. The bead is slipped on at the back of the lanyard and can be moved and locked at any length which appeals to the wearer. The cinch is another option that will shorten the cord.

The retractable reel is another option that you should consider. The retractable reel can be combined with the key ring. This particular clasp permits the person to use the keys in a car door without having to detach the keys. Furthermore, this option is ideal for any person who has to wear their keys while they are working. Sales clerks are frequently asked to keep drawer or display keys on a lanyard. The retractable reel option permits the person to open these and still them around their neck.

The breakaway lanyard is another option that warrants investigation. If your clients are concerned about wearing a standard lanyard then you must consider the safety option. The buckle is designed to release the instant that it is placed under any kind of strain. If the lanyard is pulled or gets caught it will release. This option is ideal for children and people who work around heavy equipment.

Customizing a lanyard is all about choice.  When you are customizing your lanyard remember that your choices include cord options and attachments.