Unlike many things that you buy, which are generic, you can get or create personalized lanyards.  A personalized lanyard is one that suits you.

If you decide that you are going to buy a lanyard, to carry your ID do not simply grab the very first one that you see. There are hundreds of different lanyard combinations available, and you should pick one that suits you personally and your needs.

The most important thing to consider is why you are buying a lanyard. Do you want it to carry your keys? If this is the case then check to make certain that you get a lanyard that has the right kind of clasp. You will most likely want to have a key ring attachment. However, this is not the only thing to consider. Do you want to be able to separate the keys? Most people have more than one key on their key ring. In fact, the majority carry quite a few keys.

You might want to be able to separate the car keys off the ring quickly and yet keep the house and office keys around your neck. You can do this by selecting a pull apart key ring attachment. You can even put two of these on your lanyard in case you want to be able to separate your house keys from your other keys.

Some people get a lanyard to carry their cell phone or their camera. Most of these devices come with a small attachment that will enable you to attach your new lanyard quickly. This can be done by using a lanyard hook. However, if they do not, or the hook is too large, you should consider getting a slip knot attachment. This can easily slide through the loop, or it can attach to the cell phone case. These are simple ways to create personalized lanyards.

You may decide that you only want to wear one lanyard, but you want it to be able to do both of these things. If this is the case, you should know that a lanyard can be adjusted to have more than one attachment at any given time. Additionally, you can place a number of attachments onto a slip ring.

There are people who do not want the lanyard to feel lose or that want to have their lanyard around their wrist. These people should consider getting an adjustable neck cord attachment. These permit you to loosen and tighten the lanyard easily.

Lanyards are also a way that you can express something about yourself. You may desire to carry your keys convenient but that does not mean that the lanyard has to be plain. There are many different lanyards that have funny or meaningful slogans or use bright colors. You might want to buy a lanyard that indicates your support for a particular team or organizations.

A lanyard is something that many people find themselves using every single day. Why have to settle for a plain generic one? Personalized lanyards are not hard to find or to alter. A lanyard is there for convenience, so personalize it and make it really tours.