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The Various Uses for a Lanyard

lanyardsThe uses for a lanyard go way beyond carrying keys and holding ID. They can, in fact, be used to hold and carry any item that you want to have right at your finger tips, while ensuring that you always have your hands free. Furthermore, these versatile devices are capable of carrying more than one item at a time.

Lanyards are an ideal tool for personal safety. Police and people who teach self defence courses advocate that you should always try to leave yourself the option of running. This is especially important when it comes to children or small individuals. If you have a defensive self-protection device like an alarm or a horn on your lanyard, you can activate it while you are running. Furthermore, if you are attempting to escape it will not be dropped.

While you are travelling the lanyard makes the perfect place to keep an emergency cash supply. You should never keep all of your money in one location. If your wallet or purse does get stolen you do not want to be without cash. There is a very good chance that if you keep a lanyard under your shirt it will not be taken at the same time. You can also use the lanyard to secure your wallet to your belt. This safety measure is a great way to thwart pick pockets.

Lanyards are a creative personal gift. The thing that makes the lanyard personal is the fact that you can have them completely customized. If you are getting a lanyard designed you could have the name of the birthday person placed on the cord. You may also want to include the date of their birth or simply have the phrase Happy Birthday written on the ribbon. You can apply this same idea to almost any kind of gift. Lanyards are great at baby showers, bar mitzvahs and weddings.

The sports person can make use of the lanyard in a number of different ways. If they are planning to venture into a remote area, they can use the lanyard to carry a map, a compass or a GPS unit. It is a great place to keep an emergency survival kit.

If you own your company and are searching for a method to get some inexpensive advertizing the lanyard is perfect. You can get the lanyard designed using your company’s name and slogan. Furthermore, you can make certain that you include a means for the customer to contact you on the ribbon. You can incorporate a phone number, address or website right in the design.

Lanyards may have been created to carry knives for sailors, but that is by no means where their use ended. There are literally thousands of uses for the versatile lanyard.

Lanyards – Perfect For Camping

Camping is the perfect time to bring plenty of lanyards. A lanyard can be used in all kinds of different ways to make the trip easier.

When you go camping with children it makes things much easier if you attach a flashlight to a lanyard. This way your child can carry their own light and it will not go missing or be accidently dropped. They will always know where it is and you will not have to spent time trying to find in their sleeping bag or somewhere in the motor home.

You may be on vacation but you may still want to keep your cell phone with you. If you are trying to unpack and get things set up this can be difficult. Attaching the phone to a lanyard will make it possible for you to have the phone with you at all times and still have your hands free.

The lanyard makes the perfect helper when you are concerned about your keys. If you plan to go to the beach or take the family on a walk you may want to lock the car or the motor home. Rather than having to stuff your keys in your pocket or carry them the whole time, attach them to lanyard.

There are many things that you have to do to get all set up and these often require a knife. Keeping the knife on a lanyard will not only ensure that you have it with you all the time it will make certain that the children do not grab it if you happen to be distracted.

You can also use the lanyard to carry any medications that you may need to have. If you are going for a nature hike you will most likely not want to have to carry all kinds of different bags. A lanyard can ensure that you know exactly where the medication is at all times. This is essential if you do have a child that is allergic to bee stings.

While you are out hiking it is always advisable to bring along a bottle of water. By using lanyards everybody can have their own drink with them all the time. It also makes certain that nobody drops their bottle or leaves any garbage behind. If you want you can change the attachment or add a lanyard pouch and permit the children to have their own small snack bag.

If you are taking the family dog you can set up a doggy lanyard pouch. In the pouch you can store a few treats and his clean-up bags. You may even want to stick in a couple of convenient handy wipes.

A camping trip is supposed to be fun but it can get a little crazy if you are not organized. Lanyards can help make certain that important things do not get lost or misplaced.


Lanyards For Your Employees

Lanyards are a great way to give your company a boost in its advertizing. Almost every kind of advertizing is extremely expensive. However, designing a lanyard and knowing how to properly distribute them can prove beneficial.

One to make your lanyards work for you is to get your staff to all wear them. There are two approaches that you can use in this stragey. One is to have the employees all wear them when they are working and the second is to simply give them to your staff as gifts. Both methods have advantages.

In the first scenario, you can incorporate security issues. Ask your staff to wear an ID at all times while they are on the clock. This will identify your staff to any customers on the premises. Additionally, if your workers have to do any field work every person who sees the person will know which company is on the site.

Many companies give various personnel keys to secure areas, or items. Keys have a habit of being misplaced. To reduce the chance of any of your keys being lost is to ask your staff to always have the keys on a lanyard. If there is any possibility of a confrontation of any kind get your staff breakaway lanyards. Alternatively, you can provide the workers with wrist lanyards.

Another way to make use of the lanyards is to get ones made that incorporate the wallet attachment. These can be incorporated into special in-house deals or sales. You might want to think about getting your staff to offer customers in house sale coupons. Another idea is to have the staff hand out feedback cards. This is a great way to find out what your customers are thinking. To sweeten the deal make the response cards part of a raffle.

Wallet lanyards can also be used to advertize up-coming event or promotions. All that you have to do is to make –up some simple cards and place them into the wallet. You can change the in-house advertisements at any time.

In the second method you give out custom lanyards to your entire staff and hope that they start to wear and use them when they are off duty. This works in the same way as any giveaway. You try and select the attachment that you think will be the best option for the people in your employ.

The same lanyard which you hand you to your workers can be given to repeat customers. In any kind of business, showing customers that you value their patronage is very important. Thanking existing clients is something that many companies forget to do. This can be a costly mistake. People who do not feel valued will find other places to do their business.

It is important that when you are selecting and designing your lanyard you think very carefully about how you intend to use them. If you really want to get the get the most out of your advertizing you want to make certain that you pick the right attachment for the job.

Lanyard – Many Uses

One of the best things about a lanyard is that it can be used for so many different things. It is not just a promotional item. It can be a great addition to any party. If you are looking for a really original gift or perhaps a party favor you consider these ideas.

Party bags are a traditional item at children’s birthday parties. If your son or daughter is planning to have a party you should really consider getting a batch of custom lanyards made. You can easily have the lanyard made with the child’s name and date of birth. The attachment can either be a lanyard pouch or a bull clip on which you easily attach a bag of your choice. This bag can be filed with any number of different small treats for each of the guests attending the event. If you do have any lanyards left over you can easily save these and use them the following year.

A fiftieth party is another place where a lanyard makes a perfect gift. Once again you can have the person’s name and date of birth printed on the lanyard. You might also want to think about what photos you could use on the item. You might want to think about a baby picture and also a current one. An alternative would be to have a number of photos used that mark special moments in the birthdays person’s life.

Lanyards can even be used as part of the festivities themselves. You can use the lanyards as a part of a number of different party games.

One game that children really enjoy is hunting games. You can hide buttons all over the house. The children are then challenged with the task of finding as many buttons as they can throughout the party. The child with the most buttons in the lanyard pouch at the end of a specified amount of time wins. If you do not want to hide buttons you can use anything from wrapped candies to pennies.

Small prizes are often awarded to those children who win games. Rather than trying to keep track of which child wins which game provide each guest with a lanyard in which they can store any small items that they do win during the party.

One custom that you will see at almost every wedding is the giving of a small wedding favor. This is a token which the bride and groom give to all of the people who attend the reception. It is often a challenge to find a suitable gift. The lanyard makes a wedding favor. The first reason that it I so ideal is the fact that they can be customized in the colors of the wedding. They can also be imprinted with the name of both the bride and the groom and the date of the happy event.

Lanyards can be used at any kind of theme party. They are great at anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and any other occasion that where people join together in celebration.

Types of Lanyards

LanyardsLanyards have been around for hundreds of years. It was the creation of sailors on the high seas. Sailors needed to find a way to carry their knife while climbing into the rigging of a tall ship. Since they often did not have pockets they were forced to either grip their daggers is their teeth or try to hold it and climb at the same time. The solution they devised was the lanyard.

Lanyards were made from a piece of cord and then tied around the person’s neck. As any person closely associated with boats can tell you a sailor has to be educated in the use of knots. A few hundred years ago this knowledge was even more important. Sailors used this knowledge to tie their knife to the cord and then around their neck. The knot that was often used to hold the knife became known as a lanyard knife knot or a diamond knot.

Since these days the lanyard has evolved. It has been worn in many different ways. One of the most popular lanyard designs are worn around the wrist. Wrist lanyards are often worn by people who are concerned about losing their keys. Bank tellers and cashiers are often seen sporting this type of lanyard.

The shoulder lanyard is another common want to wear a lanyard. The military often uses this kind of lanyard as a decoration. The USA Army wears the blue cord over their right shoulder. It is properly called the Blue Cord. The Blue cord is presented to all USA Infantry men who complete their infantry training. The yellow cord is another commonly seen decoration. The cord indicates that the wearer is an aid to a high ranking officer or is in service to the Whitehouse.

The military in Australia often wear lanyards. The Infantry wear a lanyard on their left shoulder to indicate which battalion they belong to. The white indicates the artillery, the red the 4th Royal Australian Regiment etc. The other military corps wear their lanyards on the right shoulder.

Another way that people wear lanyard is as a belt attachment.  A belt lanyard is ideal for the man who does not want to have his wallet stole. Many men choose to keep their wallets in their back pocket. This is a prime target of many a pick-pocket. It is also convenient for a person who is worried that their cell phone might be stole out of a holster or belt carrier. It is an additional security device.

The belt lanyard is favoured by people who are in the military. In the heat of a battle anything can happen. This is especially true if the battle is one that is hand to hand combat. Soldiers have learned the value of using a lanyard to secure their sidearm. No soldier wants to discover that he has dropped his sidearm r it has fallen out of its holster. The same goes for anyone who chooses to wear a knife on their belt.

Lanyards are a very old device but it is one that continues to have value.


Lanyards are a very old and simple idea that are still of use in a high-tech world. From aiding with security to making a simple dog walk easier, the lanyard is proving its worth in countless different ways.

Lanyards are an old gadget used by sailors aboard tall ships. This device was the inspiration of the men who had to climb the rigging of a ship no matter what the weather or how rough the waves. While the boat was tossing and turning, they would scamper up the lines and adjust the sails.

What made this job even more hazardous was the fact that they often have to try to get to the top of the sail while carrying a knife. They came up with the idea of tying a piece of rope around their neck and attaching a knife. This handy idea meant that no matter where a sailor was, he always had a knife. Additionally, when he was asked to climb to the crow’s nest, he would be able to have the use of both of his hands.

If you take a look around today you will see that people everywhere are finding new and innovative ways to use a lanyard. Many individuals like to use a lanyard to carry keys. This is probably one of the most common things that a lanyard is used for. The other common way that a lanyard is being used is as an ID holder. Many businesses ask that their staff all have on an ID badge during their shifts. To accommodate this request employees often choose to use a lanyard. These are common ways to use lanyards but there are many more uses for this device.

Cell phones are everywhere. Teenagers, seniors, everyone has a cell phone. A lanyard is the perfect place to keep a cell phone. There are times when you are not going to want to have your purse with you, but you are going to want your cell phone. Times like when you are out walking the dog, or working in the garden, this is the time for a lanyard. When you are riding your bike or jogging down the road, this is a great time to have your phone on a lanyard as well. Furthermore, i  any type of MP3 player or similar device you can benefit from a lanyard.

Do you have a pair of sunglasses? Almost everyone does. A lanyard is an ideal way of making certain that you do not forget your glasses. Individuals who are not accustomed to wearing glasses all the time frequently take their glasses off and forget where they left them. This is especially true if you are in a situation where you are going from outside to inside frequently. When, for example, you are doing your weekly errands and are running in out and of various stores you will find that a lanyard will save you a lot of effort.

From the days of the tall ships to a modern world of computers and the internet, lanyards are one idea that has more than proven its worth.

ID Lanyards

Badge holder lanyards keep sailors safe. Safety is, and always should be, the number one concern of every single person. Water sports and activities have been on the rise for decades, but so have the number of accidents. Every type of craft, from yachts to canoes, have all seen a dramatic increase in their popularity. With the increase comes an increase in the risks and dangers. With a few simple attachments to your lanyard, you can greatly reduce the chances of being seriously hurt in a boating accident.

Historically the id lanyards was an invention of the sailor. The sailors would usually use the lanyard to carry their knife. By doing this, they could climb up and down the rigging with their knife and yet their hands would be free. This same concept is as valuable today as it was hundreds of years ago. The sailor of today can still make use of a lanyard and in many ways, the sailor of old would never have imagined.

Two of the most popular boats on the water today are the Jet Ski and the windsurfer. Both of these boats present a number of real safety issues. Most people understand and recognize the fact that you have to wear a life jacket at all times when you are operating one of these boats. It is very easy to have an accident and become separated from the craft.

Countless people who enjoy these boats seem to think that because there is not a lot of room or storage they should not have to follow the guidelines set out by the coast guard and other boating safety organizations. One of the recommendations is that you should always have a noisemaker with you when on the water. It does not matter if this is something as simple as a whistle or a horn.

This is one item that you can easily attach to a lanyard and wear to make certain that if you do get into trouble on the water someone will hear you. Another simple way to use the lanyard is to hold your cell phone or a gps unit. Either one of the things might save your life. A waterproof pouch attached to a lanyard is all you need to have to make certain that these things do not get wet. For additional safety, you can attach custom lanyards to a floatation device.

Ideally, you should be wearing the lanyard to make certain that if you do fall and become separated from the craft, you will be able to summon help. Even if you are unconscious, a gps unit or a cell phone that has a tracking implant will allow rescue workers to find you quickly. Alternatively, you should have the badge lanyard hooked onto the craft in some way. These are various different lanyard attachments that will make this very easy to do.

Hundreds of people die in boating accidents every single year. In fact, the numbers are so high that many places are changing the laws in regards to small craft and operators. Custom lanyards can save lives!

Advertising with Lanyards

Custom imprinted lanyards can carry your brand or message throughout an organization or educational institution, while also giving the wearers a convenient way to carry name badges, key cards, pens, USB drives and other important items.

Looking for the most detail possible on your custom lanyard design? Imprinted Nylon lanyards are a perfect option for detailed logos or images and offer a surface that allows for high detail silk-screening. They make the perfect gift to advertise your business of organization. Imprinted Nylon lanyards are slightly thicker and reveal a more shiny appearance and are recognized for their sheen and smooth texture, they are extremely durable and will make your logo seem to pop off the lanyard.
Why Lanyard is preferred for advertising tool?

The nylon material has been used over years at one of the most preferred printing material when it comes to detail logo or artwork screen printing. The advantage of Nylon over its other competitor material just as polyester and tube is that the thread count of the material is very high, which makes it a closely pack material suitable for detail logo printing. In addition to that, the shiny look and smoother surface bring out the text better than any other lanyards materials. Regarless of your need to low quantity order or wholesale lanyards, GetlanyardsFast.com can make the best looking Nylon lanyards for all your advertising and promotional need.

You can order Nylon lanyard along with Buckle release or safety breakaway as well. Safety breakaway provides additional security to the user and also makes the lanyards look more fashionable. This life saving device is often the choice of people who want to wear a lanyard but are at risk of being in an altercation. It is the perfect choice for anyone working in a security job or law enforcement. It is also extremely useful for any person who might upon occasion, discover themselves around any type of machinery or equipment where the lanyard could be a potential danger. The big advantage of this style over other fasteners is its ability to release quickly and easily. Breakaway buckles are usually made of a durable plastic material which means that no matter how cold the weather is they will not freeze and can still easily open and close. Metal fasteners can become tricky to operate in cold or rainy conditions and small clasps and clips can be difficult for both seniors and young people to operate. Once you are familiar with the buckle you can easily operate it in the dark.