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Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway lanyards offer a safety feature that everyone should consider. This safety device will instantly break apart if the lanyard is pulled or is put under any kind of pressure.

All across the nation schools are demanding that students not only have a lanyard, but they must have one that incorporates this device. This is being done as part of their efforts to increase security. Students are being asked to wear their ID any time they are on school grounds. It is not enough for them to merely carry the ID, they have to have it on display. Teachers want to be able to tell at a glance if the person has the right ID. However, the schools are aware of the dangers that a neck lanyard might pose. They realize that a neck lanyard could become caught or entangle which could potentially cause a serious injury. To avoid this situation students are being told to get a safety lanyard.

This kind of lanyard should be worn by any person who might be at risk. When traveling many people choose to carry their camera on a lanyard. This is a great idea. It ensures that you always have your camera ready and do not have to worry about carrying a case or any other kind of bag. However, is someone did try to steal the camera the lanyard could be a safety issue. Rather than take this kind of rick get a breakaway lanyard. A digital camera is not worth risking your health and well being. This same reasoning applies to people who want to carry MP# players or even cell phones on their lanyard.



Companies that ask that their employees wear ID lanyards are also demanding that all of their staff wear the safety lanyards. This does not just apply to individuals who work around machinery. It applies to sales clerks and cashiers. In some places it is the law that only safety lanyard be worn.

People who work and have to carry keys are also advised to have a safety lanyard. Rather than risk a having an employee suffer a neck injury should the facility be robbed employers are encouraging staff to let the thief take the keys. As an additional measure the employers want to ensure that if someone does try to grab the keys and run the lanyard will pull apart.

These great items should be worn by any person who is employed by any person who has dealing with the public. This includes everyone from the bouncer at the local pub to the meter maid on the street. It also includes any person who might be walking outside late at night. It is far better to lose your keys or your gadget, than to be dragged by a neck lanyard. A breakaway lanyard is an inexpensive way to get the advantage of wearing a lanyard without any of the risk.

Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway lanyards as the name clearly indicates is one that will break or open if it is pulled or put under any kind of force. You may not see the advantage of this very special safety option but consider the follow places where it is an invaluable feature.

Parents are often forced to provide their small children with keys to the house or apartment. They do not want their child to lose the key while they are at school or on the bus. To ensure that it is safe they attach the key to a lanyard. This is a great idea and a very practical solution. However, what would happen if that lanyard got caught on something?

What would happen if your child was getting off the bus and the lanyard hooked onto to something?  Would the driver notice or would the child get pulled along? If your child stopped to play at the local playground and they decided to go down the slide what would happen if the lanyard got caught on the way down?

These things may never happen but as a parent you should not take the risk. To prevent this kind of accident from occurring all you have to do is to get a lanyard that will release if it does get caught. This simple device can prevent any kind of situation like these from developing into a more serious problem.

Lanyards are often worn by people who need to have their ID tag showing. Think about all the concerts, sports games and similar events that you have attended. How many of these people were wearing a lanyard? When you go to the local store how often do you see cashier and store personal wearing lanyards?

What would happen if an irate individual grabbed one of these lanyards? What would occur if a person intent on robbing the store was able to reach over and take a hold of the lanyards? The person who was wearing it would be in a lot of danger.  They might not be able to pull away from their attacker. However, if they were wearing a lanyard that had the breakaway feature they could be free instantly and the danger would be greatly reduced.

This same principal can be applied to any person who has to work around machinery. In many cases it is not the people who work around the equipment daily that have the accidents, they know and follow all of the safety procedures. It is the person who is only near that piece of equipment once in a blue moon who gets injured or becomes caught and the machine is damaged or has to be shut down. If you do work anywhere where you might be at risk even for a fraction of a minute get yourself some breakaway lanyards.

If safety is a concern then you must purchase a breakaway lanyard. The breakaway feature is one that is offered by almost every good manufacturer. Even if you think that the risks are minimal, why take the chance?