Custom LanyardsCustom lanyards are very trendy and hot sellers. If you are looking for a way to capitalize on this trend you should think about having custom lanyards made for your company or organization.

One of the things that have made lanyards very popular is that they can be completely customized. As a business owner, or a person who is looking to promote a group, you can take advantage of this by making your lanyards not only functional but fun.

A prime example of this would be for any person who is looking to promote any kind of sports team. In the past you might have thought about having the lanyard made up in the team’s colors and perhaps having their logo imprinted onto the lanyard. However with the new full color lanyards that are available you can take this concept much further. Why not have a lanyard made up using a whole series of different photographs. You could either feature the pictures of individual players on the team or perhaps you might want to highlight some of the team’s best moments from the previous season.

If you do not want to feature the images of people you might want to think about listing places where the team will be playing in the up-coming season. This type of promotion is ideal for any person who is a fan. They not only have a lanyard that shows their support of the team but they have a team schedule with them at all times. This kind of advertizing is truly invaluable.

This kind of idea can be modified for just about any event. Homecoming is a great place to use this kind of lanyard. On the lanyard you might want to print the pictures of past famous students who may be returning to the campus. Or alternatively you could make up the lanyards to correspond with the guest speakers for the year. You could have the year of the return printed on the lanyard as well as a picture of each and every person who will be speaking at the homecoming.

Another idea would be to use the lanyard to show some of the highlights that occurred during the previous year. You might want to include any awards that the school won, any tournaments that the school participated in or perhaps show any upgrades that have been made to the college in the last years. You could even have the picture of any students that you feel deserve special individual recognition.

Once you have the custom lanyards designed you can choose to either sell the lanyards to help raise money for your group or a promotional giveaway. Due to the fact that lanyards are very inexpensive and easy to store you can get a bulk order and save even more money.

The technique used by manufactures of custom lanyards that is known as sublimation. This method of printing permits the company to have not just one image on a lanyard but an entire series. As a person looking for ways to promote interest or advertize a particular business, this new style of lanyard is perfect.