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The Various Uses for a Lanyard

lanyardsThe uses for a lanyard go way beyond carrying keys and holding ID. They can, in fact, be used to hold and carry any item that you want to have right at your finger tips, while ensuring that you always have your hands free. Furthermore, these versatile devices are capable of carrying more than one item at a time.

Lanyards are an ideal tool for personal safety. Police and people who teach self defence courses advocate that you should always try to leave yourself the option of running. This is especially important when it comes to children or small individuals. If you have a defensive self-protection device like an alarm or a horn on your lanyard, you can activate it while you are running. Furthermore, if you are attempting to escape it will not be dropped.

While you are travelling the lanyard makes the perfect place to keep an emergency cash supply. You should never keep all of your money in one location. If your wallet or purse does get stolen you do not want to be without cash. There is a very good chance that if you keep a lanyard under your shirt it will not be taken at the same time. You can also use the lanyard to secure your wallet to your belt. This safety measure is a great way to thwart pick pockets.

Lanyards are a creative personal gift. The thing that makes the lanyard personal is the fact that you can have them completely customized. If you are getting a lanyard designed you could have the name of the birthday person placed on the cord. You may also want to include the date of their birth or simply have the phrase Happy Birthday written on the ribbon. You can apply this same idea to almost any kind of gift. Lanyards are great at baby showers, bar mitzvahs and weddings.

The sports person can make use of the lanyard in a number of different ways. If they are planning to venture into a remote area, they can use the lanyard to carry a map, a compass or a GPS unit. It is a great place to keep an emergency survival kit.

If you own your company and are searching for a method to get some inexpensive advertizing the lanyard is perfect. You can get the lanyard designed using your company’s name and slogan. Furthermore, you can make certain that you include a means for the customer to contact you on the ribbon. You can incorporate a phone number, address or website right in the design.

Lanyards may have been created to carry knives for sailors, but that is by no means where their use ended. There are literally thousands of uses for the versatile lanyard.

The Many Lanyard Attachments

LanyardsLanyards are completely customizable. As a buyer, one of the choices that you will have to make is the attachment. Although, this may seem like a trivial part of the process, it is vital. If you want people to use and wear the lanyard you have to make certain that your clients will want to use it. The attachments and options are going to make the difference.

The slip key ring is among the most common attachments. However, there are ways that you can improve upon this attachment. Consider how and when your clients will be wearing and using the lanyard. If you think that the person will be using the lanyard to carry their car keys you should think about additional options. The snap buckle is one choice hat you may want to investigate. The snap buckle is located at the bottom front of a lanyard. When the person needs to use their keys they can detach the lower section of the lanyard. The other choice is the pull-apart clasp.

Lanyard cords usually are a standard length. However, the length of the cord may not be right for everyone. There are many people who want to be able to shorten the cord. There are two common ways of doing this. The slide bead is a popular choice. The bead is slipped on at the back of the lanyard and can be moved and locked at any length which appeals to the wearer. The cinch is another option that will shorten the cord.

The retractable reel is another option that you should consider. The retractable reel can be combined with the key ring. This particular clasp permits the person to use the keys in a car door without having to detach the keys. Furthermore, this option is ideal for any person who has to wear their keys while they are working. Sales clerks are frequently asked to keep drawer or display keys on a lanyard. The retractable reel option permits the person to open these and still them around their neck.

The breakaway lanyard is another option that warrants investigation. If your clients are concerned about wearing a standard lanyard then you must consider the safety option. The buckle is designed to release the instant that it is placed under any kind of strain. If the lanyard is pulled or gets caught it will release. This option is ideal for children and people who work around heavy equipment.

Customizing a lanyard is all about choice.  When you are customizing your lanyard remember that your choices include cord options and attachments.

Schools and Lanyards

School LanyardsSchools are always looking for ways that they can increase their efforts at ensuring the safety of both the students and the faculty. If it happens that that method is also inexpensive it is an additional bonus. The lanyard is one such product.

Schools everywhere are now requiring that every students have ID. Many schools have taken an additional step and are requiring that the student wear their ID while they are on school grounds. School lanyards have been adopted as the perfect way for students to be able to meet these requirements.

Every student can wear a lanyard. Lanyards by nature are a long cord that is worn around a person’s neck. This means that any student can wear an ID lanyard. It does not matter how bog or old the students. Additionally, a lanyard can be worn over any kind of clothing. Students need not worry about damaging their clothes in any way, unlike traditional pin-on IDs which may cause runs or hole in delicate materials. Lanyards can also be worn by the entire faculty.

Lanyards can be customized by the school itself. Rather than allowing students to but any lanyard off the street the school can ask that every person attending purchase an inexpensive lanyard. The money that the school makes on the sale of the lanyards can be used to fund all different kinds of programs. Furthermore by controlling the sale of the lanyards every institution can make certain that the students are all wearing breakaway safety lanyards.

School can also control what kind of holder students are permitted to use. Numerous schools want to make certain that the ID is clearly visible on both sides. Schools can order rigid plastic ID holders at the same time that they are purchasing the lanyard.

A breakaway lanyard is one that incorporates a special release buckle at the back. This buckle is designed to instantly release if it is put under any kind of pressure. The pressure could be caused by a person catching the object while they are on the playground. Alternatively, if another individual tries to grab the lanyard from the wearer it will release. A person who is not wearing a safety lanyard under these kinds of circumstances could suffer from a serious neck injury or suffer a burn from the cord.

The other benefit to having the school purchase their own lanyards is that a school can make a bulk order. They can take advantage of any deals that a supplier may have to offer to customers making large purchases.

Schools are recognizing that security is a major issue everywhere. Anything that they can do to help ensure the safety of all people in the faculty should take top priority.


The Safety Lanyard

Safety LanyardsLanyard companies are recognizing the fact that it is not always safe for an individual to wear a lanyard around their neck. To accommodate people who may be at risk when wearing a standard lanyard they are offering breakaway or safety lanyards.

The safety is lanyard is one that will release if it is put under any kind of pressure. What this actually means, is that if any person tries to grab the lanyard away from the wearer it will open and the person will not be injured. This same principal applies if the wearer does get the lanyard caught or snagged on anything.

The most common safety lanyard is the release buckle. The clasps are at the back of the lanyard and do not affect the look or the length of the cord. The other option is to get a Velcro strip. The strip is also at the back of the lanyard and will release if pulled.

Why would you want this safety option? Consider the following:

Cashiers who work in any kind of retail outlet are frequently asked to wear the keys to display cabinets on a lanyard. If the store does get robbed and the thief makes a grab for the keys the clerk will not be injured in the attack.

Children who are either wearing a school ID lanyard or are carrying keys should always be required to wear a safety lanyard. Youngsters often spend their lunch and recess climbing on various piece of outdoor equipment. There is always the chance that while they are jumping and climbing the lanyard may get caught of tangled. This could result in a serious burn or neck injury if the cord does not release.

Any person who is involved in an active sport and is carrying their cell phone on a lanyard should have a safety lanyard. People hate to leave their phones behind regardless of the activity in which they plan on participating. Snowboarders, boaters, hikers and cyclists etc. are all at risk from injury if the lanyard becomes caught.

It is a common safety regulation that any person who has to work around any kind of machinery not have something hanging from their neck. However, if the person is wearing a safety lanyard this regulation can be disregarded.

Individuals who are employed in any kind of security work and also need to wear an ID tag can wear the safety lanyard. This principal applies from volunteers in the neighbourhood watch to those who are directly involved in law enforcement.

A breakaway lanyard is ideal for any person who has any concerns about wearing a standard lanyard.