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Lanyard – Many Uses

One of the best things about a lanyard is that it can be used for so many different things. It is not just a promotional item. It can be a great addition to any party. If you are looking for a really original gift or perhaps a party favor you consider these ideas.

Party bags are a traditional item at children’s birthday parties. If your son or daughter is planning to have a party you should really consider getting a batch of custom lanyards made. You can easily have the lanyard made with the child’s name and date of birth. The attachment can either be a lanyard pouch or a bull clip on which you easily attach a bag of your choice. This bag can be filed with any number of different small treats for each of the guests attending the event. If you do have any lanyards left over you can easily save these and use them the following year.

A fiftieth party is another place where a lanyard makes a perfect gift. Once again you can have the person’s name and date of birth printed on the lanyard. You might also want to think about what photos you could use on the item. You might want to think about a baby picture and also a current one. An alternative would be to have a number of photos used that mark special moments in the birthdays person’s life.

Lanyards can even be used as part of the festivities themselves. You can use the lanyards as a part of a number of different party games.

One game that children really enjoy is hunting games. You can hide buttons all over the house. The children are then challenged with the task of finding as many buttons as they can throughout the party. The child with the most buttons in the lanyard pouch at the end of a specified amount of time wins. If you do not want to hide buttons you can use anything from wrapped candies to pennies.

Small prizes are often awarded to those children who win games. Rather than trying to keep track of which child wins which game provide each guest with a lanyard in which they can store any small items that they do win during the party.

One custom that you will see at almost every wedding is the giving of a small wedding favor. This is a token which the bride and groom give to all of the people who attend the reception. It is often a challenge to find a suitable gift. The lanyard makes a wedding favor. The first reason that it I so ideal is the fact that they can be customized in the colors of the wedding. They can also be imprinted with the name of both the bride and the groom and the date of the happy event.

Lanyards can be used at any kind of theme party. They are great at anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and any other occasion that where people join together in celebration.

The Custom Lanyard

LanyardIf you are searching for ways to promote your business you should give serious consideration to a custom lanyard. Lanyards can be made to include both the name of your company and how you can be located. There is enough room on a lanyard to include your website and your telephone number so that people know exactly where they can find you at any given time. If you are unsure if lanyards are really worth the money consider the reasons below.

Lanyards can be purchase in bulk. To you as a buyer this can mean a great deal of savings if you are able to make large purchases. There are even a number of companies that will waive the shipping costs if you make a large order.

Many companies choose to buy pens. However if you have ever received a promotional pen you probably will have discovered that they only write once and then they do not work. A lanyard has a much longer lifespan. A good quality lanyard can last for many years.

Lanyards are very small and do not require a lot of storage space. Depending upon the size of your business space may be of concern. However you can cram 100s of lanyards into an extremely tiny area.

The lanyard is not fragile. This is very important due to the fact that in many cases you may be traveling with the item to and from event where you want to give the item away. It is much easier to travel with an item that you know will not get damaged on the trip.

Lanyards do not have any special storage needs. They can easily be stored outside in the hottest or the coldest weather and they will not be harmed in any way.

Lanyards are an item that can and are you used by people of all ages. There are many products that businesses choose to use as promotional items that people can’t or won’t use. Baseball caps are great. However how many senior ladies do you see wearing them? Lanyards are additionally a real one size fits all item.

Lanyards can a green item. If you are trying to appeal to a market that prefers to deal with products that are friendly to the environment then the lanyard is perfect. A cotton, bamboo or silk lanyard is recyclable. It can also be fitted with numerous different attachments that will permit the wearer to save the environment in a number of other ways as well. I.e. get a carabineer attachment that permits a person to carry a refillable drink bottle on their lanyard.

Lanyards can be customized to suit your personal target market. You can get lanyards with various different attachments. This means that you can pick exactly which attachment you feel will be of the most benefit to your business.

Advertizing is very expensive regardless of the type of campaign that you wish to use. However, as any good business person will tell you, you have to spend money to make money.  A custom Lanyard will ensure that you do get real value for every dollar that you spend.

Types of Lanyards

LanyardsLanyards have been around for hundreds of years. It was the creation of sailors on the high seas. Sailors needed to find a way to carry their knife while climbing into the rigging of a tall ship. Since they often did not have pockets they were forced to either grip their daggers is their teeth or try to hold it and climb at the same time. The solution they devised was the lanyard.

Lanyards were made from a piece of cord and then tied around the person’s neck. As any person closely associated with boats can tell you a sailor has to be educated in the use of knots. A few hundred years ago this knowledge was even more important. Sailors used this knowledge to tie their knife to the cord and then around their neck. The knot that was often used to hold the knife became known as a lanyard knife knot or a diamond knot.

Since these days the lanyard has evolved. It has been worn in many different ways. One of the most popular lanyard designs are worn around the wrist. Wrist lanyards are often worn by people who are concerned about losing their keys. Bank tellers and cashiers are often seen sporting this type of lanyard.

The shoulder lanyard is another common want to wear a lanyard. The military often uses this kind of lanyard as a decoration. The USA Army wears the blue cord over their right shoulder. It is properly called the Blue Cord. The Blue cord is presented to all USA Infantry men who complete their infantry training. The yellow cord is another commonly seen decoration. The cord indicates that the wearer is an aid to a high ranking officer or is in service to the Whitehouse.

The military in Australia often wear lanyards. The Infantry wear a lanyard on their left shoulder to indicate which battalion they belong to. The white indicates the artillery, the red the 4th Royal Australian Regiment etc. The other military corps wear their lanyards on the right shoulder.

Another way that people wear lanyard is as a belt attachment.  A belt lanyard is ideal for the man who does not want to have his wallet stole. Many men choose to keep their wallets in their back pocket. This is a prime target of many a pick-pocket. It is also convenient for a person who is worried that their cell phone might be stole out of a holster or belt carrier. It is an additional security device.

The belt lanyard is favoured by people who are in the military. In the heat of a battle anything can happen. This is especially true if the battle is one that is hand to hand combat. Soldiers have learned the value of using a lanyard to secure their sidearm. No soldier wants to discover that he has dropped his sidearm r it has fallen out of its holster. The same goes for anyone who chooses to wear a knife on their belt.

Lanyards are a very old device but it is one that continues to have value.

Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway lanyards as the name clearly indicates is one that will break or open if it is pulled or put under any kind of force. You may not see the advantage of this very special safety option but consider the follow places where it is an invaluable feature.

Parents are often forced to provide their small children with keys to the house or apartment. They do not want their child to lose the key while they are at school or on the bus. To ensure that it is safe they attach the key to a lanyard. This is a great idea and a very practical solution. However, what would happen if that lanyard got caught on something?

What would happen if your child was getting off the bus and the lanyard hooked onto to something?  Would the driver notice or would the child get pulled along? If your child stopped to play at the local playground and they decided to go down the slide what would happen if the lanyard got caught on the way down?

These things may never happen but as a parent you should not take the risk. To prevent this kind of accident from occurring all you have to do is to get a lanyard that will release if it does get caught. This simple device can prevent any kind of situation like these from developing into a more serious problem.

Lanyards are often worn by people who need to have their ID tag showing. Think about all the concerts, sports games and similar events that you have attended. How many of these people were wearing a lanyard? When you go to the local store how often do you see cashier and store personal wearing lanyards?

What would happen if an irate individual grabbed one of these lanyards? What would occur if a person intent on robbing the store was able to reach over and take a hold of the lanyards? The person who was wearing it would be in a lot of danger.  They might not be able to pull away from their attacker. However, if they were wearing a lanyard that had the breakaway feature they could be free instantly and the danger would be greatly reduced.

This same principal can be applied to any person who has to work around machinery. In many cases it is not the people who work around the equipment daily that have the accidents, they know and follow all of the safety procedures. It is the person who is only near that piece of equipment once in a blue moon who gets injured or becomes caught and the machine is damaged or has to be shut down. If you do work anywhere where you might be at risk even for a fraction of a minute get yourself some breakaway lanyards.

If safety is a concern then you must purchase a breakaway lanyard. The breakaway feature is one that is offered by almost every good manufacturer. Even if you think that the risks are minimal, why take the chance?

The Eco Friendly Lanyard

The environment is a concern of many people all over the planet. This concern extends not only to individuals, but to big companies and manufacturers. Companies are researching methods that will improve the ways in which the produce their goods and the kinds of material that they use in their finished products. The lanyard is no exception to this effort.

Lanyard producers are experimenting with different materials that will make their products friendlier to the environment. One of the materials that they have begun utilizing is bamboo. Bamboo is very fast growing plant. The speed at which it grows makes it an ideal crop for farmers. They can have a crop within no time and replant quickly. This rapid growth translates to mean that farmers can keep up with the demands of the market. In order to keep pace with demands they will not have to destroy existing forests or natural surroundings.

The bamboo plant is a very hardy plant. It can grown and survive in virtually climate. Many people believe that it is exclusive to tropical regions but this is not the case. It has been successfully grown in many different temperate zones around the world. It also does not require a lot of water which means that it can be grown without irrigation worries.

Another important factor is that the bamboo plant is very hardy. It does not succumb to disease very easily nor does it fall victim to insects. In terms of farming this hardiness means that a farmer does not have to worry about spraying the plants with insecticides.  This is of huge benefit to the environment. It is always preferable to have a crop that does not require any type of chemical aid. They are also not required to use expensive fertilizers or supplements to ensure a healthy crop.

Bamboo also has a unique property. It has its own antibacterial agents. These agents are one of the reasons that it is so resilient. These agents remain in the bamboo after harvesting. It also stays in the fibres after processing and numerous washings. These antibacterials remain active and will help your lanyard to stay clean and germ free.

Since  bamboo is a plant, it is biodegradable. You will not have to be concerned about adding to the overflowing landfill issues. It can also be recycled. If you have access to a decent recycling factory, you can drop of your bamboo for processing.

Cotton is a fabric which lanyard producers have been using for years. It has many of the exact same properties that bamboo has. It is a crop plant that is harvested solely for the purpose of making cloth. Cotton is recyclable. The recycling industry has been able to reuse cotton for many years. It is also biodegradable.

If you are a person who is concerned about the environment and what is happening to the planet you can buy a cotton or bamboo lanyard free of guilt. You can wear one knowing that they are not adding to the pollution issues.