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Full Color Lanyards

Sublimation-LanyardCustom full color lanyards should be just that. You can buy a lanyard in almost any mall. You can get them in all various colors, styles and with several different attachments. If you take a little time you can find one that will really suits you and be able to do exactly what you want it to.

The first thing you should consider is why you are buying a lanyard. Do you want one to carry your cell phone or MP3 player? Are you getting one to take on your boat? Does your son need a place to carry his keys? All of these different tasks will require a distinct attachment.

The environment is an ever growing concern. People are searching for ways that they can recycle all the time. One small thing that you can do to help is to purchase a lanyard that has an “O” ring. This attachment is flexible and will fit almost any kind of plastic water bottle. You can use the lanyard and attach a bottle to carry with you all day long. Rather than throwing the bottle away you can refill it and use it again.

Safety is always a concern when you are out on the water. One of the things that is recommended by the coast guard is that you have a whistle or other noise making device with you at all times. This is hard to do if you are riding on a jet-ski. With the right attachment, you can have a whistle with you all the time. If you do get thrown into the water, you will still have the lanyard and the whistle.

A breakaway lanyard with a key attachment is the perfect option for any parent who has to let their child carry keys to school. Children, no matter how responsible, have a tendency to lose things. By providing your child with a lanyard and a key ring you will greatly reduce the chances of the keys getting lost. The breakaway feature will ensure that if the lanyard does get pulled by another pupil, it will release. The same thing will happen if the lanyard gets caught on a piece of playground equipment.

Glasses are another way that you can make use of a lanyard. Sunglasses are very expensive. That last thing that you want to do is to leave them in a store or in a restaurant. To make certain that this does not happen, you can buy a lanyard that has a glass’s attachment.

Lanyards can be multi-functional. You can have more than one attachment on your lanyard at a time. You can use the lanyard to carry both your cell phone and a water bottle. Personalized full color lanyards are ones that you customize. If you need to have a place to keep your sunglasses and to hold your keys get the attachments that will let you do this.

Lanyards are a simple gadget. They are inexpensive, and you can find them anywhere. They are convenient, practical and they can make your life easier. Do settle for the first one that you see, get a truly personalized lanyard.

Custom Lanyards

Custom LanyardsThere are hundreds of things that you can have printed on a lanyard. If you are ordering custom  lanyards for your business you should investigate all the things that you could have written on them. You should also investigate all the different ways that the printing can be done.

Companies often have a logo. If your company does have a logo you may feel that you do not need to put the name of the business right on the lanyard. You may feel that the logo is sufficient. If this is the case you will have more space for other things.

One of the other things that you might want to think about is printing the website of the company on the lanyard. If you do not have a website, consider a phone number or the location of the business. You should have something on the lanyard that tells potential customers how and where they can find you.

Does your company have a tag line or a slogan? Catchy phrases are another way that you can reinforce awareness about your company. If you have never given this kind of advertising much thought you should. Stop for a second and think about all the tag lines you know and remember. Maybe it is time for you to get a company slogan.

What about an inspirational quote? Is there a person that you really admire? Is there a particular saying of theirs that you might want to include in your design? What about incorporating some humor into the product? Many great advertising campaigns center on getting people to laugh and see things in a funny way. Custom lanyards offer you the choice.

A woven lanyard is one option that you have when it comes to printing the words on the lanyard. When a manufacturer speaks of “weaving” letters or logos onto fabric what they are describing is a special type of “sewing or embroidering “. This method of writing does not use any kind of dyes. If you are planning to have a relatively simple design that does not include a lot of color or fine details, this would be ideal.

Silk screening is another option that you should consider. This is the standard dying method that many lanyard producers use. This technique of dying is ideal for all different kinds of materials. If you go to a lanyard site this is probably the option that you will be given at their basic price.

Dye sublimation or full colored lanyards will be the right choice, if you plan to use detailed images or photographs. These kinds of images are going to look the best if you choose this technique because the picture will have a continuous tonal quality. Silk screening may give the image a choppy or square peg look and feel.

Custom lanyards are a great way to get the word out about your company. It does not matter if you have a multinational corporation, or you are a sole proprietor a lanyard will be well worth every cent that you spend.


Lanyards are a very old and simple idea that are still of use in a high-tech world. From aiding with security to making a simple dog walk easier, the lanyard is proving its worth in countless different ways.

Lanyards are an old gadget used by sailors aboard tall ships. This device was the inspiration of the men who had to climb the rigging of a ship no matter what the weather or how rough the waves. While the boat was tossing and turning, they would scamper up the lines and adjust the sails.

What made this job even more hazardous was the fact that they often have to try to get to the top of the sail while carrying a knife. They came up with the idea of tying a piece of rope around their neck and attaching a knife. This handy idea meant that no matter where a sailor was, he always had a knife. Additionally, when he was asked to climb to the crow’s nest, he would be able to have the use of both of his hands.

If you take a look around today you will see that people everywhere are finding new and innovative ways to use a lanyard. Many individuals like to use a lanyard to carry keys. This is probably one of the most common things that a lanyard is used for. The other common way that a lanyard is being used is as an ID holder. Many businesses ask that their staff all have on an ID badge during their shifts. To accommodate this request employees often choose to use a lanyard. These are common ways to use lanyards but there are many more uses for this device.

Cell phones are everywhere. Teenagers, seniors, everyone has a cell phone. A lanyard is the perfect place to keep a cell phone. There are times when you are not going to want to have your purse with you, but you are going to want your cell phone. Times like when you are out walking the dog, or working in the garden, this is the time for a lanyard. When you are riding your bike or jogging down the road, this is a great time to have your phone on a lanyard as well. Furthermore, i  any type of MP3 player or similar device you can benefit from a lanyard.

Do you have a pair of sunglasses? Almost everyone does. A lanyard is an ideal way of making certain that you do not forget your glasses. Individuals who are not accustomed to wearing glasses all the time frequently take their glasses off and forget where they left them. This is especially true if you are in a situation where you are going from outside to inside frequently. When, for example, you are doing your weekly errands and are running in out and of various stores you will find that a lanyard will save you a lot of effort.

From the days of the tall ships to a modern world of computers and the internet, lanyards are one idea that has more than proven its worth.

Custom Lanyard

Custom LanyardThe custom lanyard is a great product that any new company can afford. If you are trying to get a new business up and running, you probably do not have a lot of extra cash. However, you have to advertize. Many companies do not realize that they have to spend money on advertizing or they do not set enough aside for this part of their operation. In some cases, small operators think that they can do a lot of their own advertizing.

Numerous companies think that with the advent of the internet, they can promote their business online by themselves. What they fail to realize is that, even if they do have a website the chance of being ranked on the first couple of pages of any major search engine takes a lot of very hard work. They forget that targeting a local market can be done in more traditional ways that will be very effective.

The custom lanyard can ensure that you will get your name out to the public. Custom lanyards are inexpensive and you can have them designed to your exact specifications. As the client you are in the driver’s seat, and you get to make all the decisions. You can choose your colors, your font and even select the material that you want to use. You will also be able to choose which attachment you would like to have added to your personal lanyard.

Time is important and when you are opening a new business you will not have a lot. Online ordering is one reason that lanyards are a great promotional tool. You can have an order ready in a matter of minutes. While sitting comfortably in your office you can go online and design your lanyard and never have to leave your chair you can then have your finished lanyards delivered right to your door.

Once your custom lanyards arrive, you are going to have to figure out the best way to use them. You might want to think about handing them out to customers as a gift for patronizing your business. If you can get that customer to wear your lanyard then anybody who sees that person will also see your lanyard.

Think about ways that you can use your lanyard to entice new customers. You can hand them out them out at any trade fairs or conventions that you attend. Even if you do not have a booth you can hand out your lanyards rather than offering a business card. Local events are another place that you can hand out your custom lanyards. Check your local newspaper and see what is going on in your community. You might want to stop in at the farmer’s market and pass out a number of lanyards. Get creative.

To get even more out of your custom lanyard consider having your website printed on. Let people know exactly where and how they can contact your business. If you do not have a website, think about printing your address or phone number on the lanyard. Make it is easy as possible for people to find you.

Advertizing is the key if you want to succeed. Do not forget in the world of high tech that traditional methods of advertizing are still effective. In fact, they can be more effective if they are done in the right way. A custom lanyard can help get your company noticed.

Personalized Lanyards

Unlike many things that you buy, which are generic, you can get or create personalized lanyards.  A personalized lanyard is one that suits you.

If you decide that you are going to buy a lanyard, to carry your ID do not simply grab the very first one that you see. There are hundreds of different lanyard combinations available, and you should pick one that suits you personally and your needs.

The most important thing to consider is why you are buying a lanyard. Do you want it to carry your keys? If this is the case then check to make certain that you get a lanyard that has the right kind of clasp. You will most likely want to have a key ring attachment. However, this is not the only thing to consider. Do you want to be able to separate the keys? Most people have more than one key on their key ring. In fact, the majority carry quite a few keys.

You might want to be able to separate the car keys off the ring quickly and yet keep the house and office keys around your neck. You can do this by selecting a pull apart key ring attachment. You can even put two of these on your lanyard in case you want to be able to separate your house keys from your other keys.

Some people get a lanyard to carry their cell phone or their camera. Most of these devices come with a small attachment that will enable you to attach your new lanyard quickly. This can be done by using a lanyard hook. However, if they do not, or the hook is too large, you should consider getting a slip knot attachment. This can easily slide through the loop, or it can attach to the cell phone case. These are simple ways to create personalized lanyards.

You may decide that you only want to wear one lanyard, but you want it to be able to do both of these things. If this is the case, you should know that a lanyard can be adjusted to have more than one attachment at any given time. Additionally, you can place a number of attachments onto a slip ring.

There are people who do not want the lanyard to feel lose or that want to have their lanyard around their wrist. These people should consider getting an adjustable neck cord attachment. These permit you to loosen and tighten the lanyard easily.

Lanyards are also a way that you can express something about yourself. You may desire to carry your keys convenient but that does not mean that the lanyard has to be plain. There are many different lanyards that have funny or meaningful slogans or use bright colors. You might want to buy a lanyard that indicates your support for a particular team or organizations.

A lanyard is something that many people find themselves using every single day. Why have to settle for a plain generic one? Personalized lanyards are not hard to find or to alter. A lanyard is there for convenience, so personalize it and make it really tours.

Neck Lanyards

Neck LanyardsNeck lanyards are the most common kind of lanyards. These simple items can be used to carry all kinds of different items, depending upon what the wearer wants to have with them.

A neck lanyard is the perfect way to carry your sunglasses. How many times have you left your sunglasses behind? How many pairs have you lost over the years? By changing the attachment on your lanyard you can keep your sunglasses with you at all times. Many people are in the habit of flipping their glasses onto their head when they are not wearing them. This is fine if you are not concerned about your hairstyle, and you are going to move around a lot. However, if you are worried that they may fall, you should use a neck lanyard.

The neck lanyard is an ideal place to keep your digital camera. There are many times when you are out, and you do not want to have a bulky case with you, and you still want to be able to take pictures. A lanyard is the ideal solution. You can have your camera at the ready all the time in case that great photo opportunity comes up and yet not have to worry about having your hands free.

This same principle applies to your cell phone. There are times when you are not going to have pockets, but you still need to have your phone close by. You can easily get a lanyard hook and attach your cell phone in a matter of seconds.

Another great use of neck lanyards is for a water bottle. Many lanyard manufacturers are aware of the problem with plastic bottles filling up all the landfills and creating a huge environmental issue. To help alleviate this situation they are providing attachments to their lanyards, which will permit you to carry a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go. This means that you will be able to have a place to carry your bottle and will not have to worry about adding to the ever growing problem of plastic waste.

The neck lanyard can also be used to help you manage your dog. For those people walking their pet in the city or any urban area that requires an owner to clean up after their pet the lanyard provides the perfect place to keep cleanup bags. You can fill a lanyard pouch with a couple of bags and even a pair of disposable gloves and have them with you when you need them.

A neck lanyard is really an invaluable device. If you think about it, you can find hundreds of different ways that you can use neck lanyards everyday to help make your life simpler.

Full Color Lanyards – What They Are and Why You Want Them

Full color lanyards may be slightly more expensive than regular lanyards but they are well worth the price. If you are purchasing custom lanyards that are going to need to have a lot of color and a lot of detail you should spend the extra money to ensure that you do get the very best image possible.

The term full color lanyards is the same as dye sublimation. This is a very special dying process that a company uses when they want to create a picture quality image on fabric. If you do not understand the difference, think about the kind picture that the old dot matrix printers would produce. The pictures were pixelated and you could see exactly where each color started and stopped, there was no blending. The larger the image was the poorer the quality. Now consider the type of image that you can print using a good printer and photographic paper. If the printer is really good you will have an image that is of photographic quality.

The difference between the two processes when dying cloth is very distinct. One of the traditional methods is to use silk screen. This is a great way to produce lanyards that do not require a lot of detail. The dye is placed onto the cloth using a process called dithering. This is the same kind of method that a dot matrix printer would have used. However, if you want to get a more realistic image you have to use a better printer and a better system.

Full color lanyards are created by heating the dye to very hot temperatures extremely quickly. The dye is actually heated so fast that it is able to go from being a solid to a gas without ever becoming a liquid. This makes a dramatic difference in terms of image quality. You will be able to see that the colors have a blended continuous feel, they do not appear to start and stop. This makes a huge difference if you are trying to imprint a person’s picture onto fabric. You will also have much cleaner and clear tones. The tones and the image will not appear fuzzy or hazy. This can sometimes happen when liquid dyes are used.

Full color lanyards can be made using the same lanyards that other dying techniques use. You can still select a tubular style or go with a woven flat lanyard if that is your preference. You can also decide which type of attachment you want to have put on your custom lanyards. The only difference will be in the dying method itself.

Full color lanyards are available from any great company that manufacturers lanyards. It is one of the options that should be made available to you, as a customer when you are trying to create the perfect lanyard for your business.

ID Lanyards

Badge holder lanyards keep sailors safe. Safety is, and always should be, the number one concern of every single person. Water sports and activities have been on the rise for decades, but so have the number of accidents. Every type of craft, from yachts to canoes, have all seen a dramatic increase in their popularity. With the increase comes an increase in the risks and dangers. With a few simple attachments to your lanyard, you can greatly reduce the chances of being seriously hurt in a boating accident.

Historically the id lanyards was an invention of the sailor. The sailors would usually use the lanyard to carry their knife. By doing this, they could climb up and down the rigging with their knife and yet their hands would be free. This same concept is as valuable today as it was hundreds of years ago. The sailor of today can still make use of a lanyard and in many ways, the sailor of old would never have imagined.

Two of the most popular boats on the water today are the Jet Ski and the windsurfer. Both of these boats present a number of real safety issues. Most people understand and recognize the fact that you have to wear a life jacket at all times when you are operating one of these boats. It is very easy to have an accident and become separated from the craft.

Countless people who enjoy these boats seem to think that because there is not a lot of room or storage they should not have to follow the guidelines set out by the coast guard and other boating safety organizations. One of the recommendations is that you should always have a noisemaker with you when on the water. It does not matter if this is something as simple as a whistle or a horn.

This is one item that you can easily attach to a lanyard and wear to make certain that if you do get into trouble on the water someone will hear you. Another simple way to use the lanyard is to hold your cell phone or a gps unit. Either one of the things might save your life. A waterproof pouch attached to a lanyard is all you need to have to make certain that these things do not get wet. For additional safety, you can attach custom lanyards to a floatation device.

Ideally, you should be wearing the lanyard to make certain that if you do fall and become separated from the craft, you will be able to summon help. Even if you are unconscious, a gps unit or a cell phone that has a tracking implant will allow rescue workers to find you quickly. Alternatively, you should have the badge lanyard hooked onto the craft in some way. These are various different lanyard attachments that will make this very easy to do.

Hundreds of people die in boating accidents every single year. In fact, the numbers are so high that many places are changing the laws in regards to small craft and operators. Custom lanyards can save lives!

School Lanyards

School lanyards are becoming one of the most popular lanyard designs. They are the perfect alternative for those people who have to wear an ID tag and do not want to wear a traditional lanyard. The reel is great for people who are required to swipe their ID or who have a job where wearing a standard lanyard may be dangerous.

One of the latest trends in the world of high technology is the containment of electronic information right within a person’s ID tag. A reel style of lanyard will permit you to swipe your ID without having to remove it.

College students and school employees are some of the people who are discovering the importance of having their ID tags with them at all times. Many colleges are using the student’s ID to hold all kinds of information. If a student needs to enter into a dorm, they have to swipe their card. If they want to gain access to the laundry room, they have to swipe their card. In some places, the universities even require that students swipe their ID tag if they want to do a load of laundry.

City transportation is even getting on board with the idea of using a student’s ID tag. In an effort to make things easier for students, cities are encoding college ID tags with public transit passes. If a student chooses to buy a pass, for the bus or other public transportation, the information in encrypted right onto their tag.

There are also a number of different school ID holders for a student to choose from which will help to ensure that their ID card is not damaged. The most common one is known as the standard dispenser. This clear plastic holder is rigid and prevents the card from being bent or broken. Additionally, the case helps to protect the card from fading due to the sun’s UV rays and from any water damage.

Students are not the only people who can take advantage of badge holder lanyards. People in all areas of medicine are finding the badge reel perfect for their work. People in the medical field often have to go into restricted areas. Their ID tags lanyards may be coded with information that permits them to open doors into certain parts of the building. Furthermore, the card might contain special information, which permits them to turn on certain piece of medical equipment.

Individuals who have to work in factories or around machinery are also benefiting from the badge reel. One of the major safety concerns facing people who work around machines is the danger of having an article of clothing caught in the apparatus. This may be life threatening to the operator and even if it is not, an article of clothing may cause serious damage to the machine. A broken machine may cost hundreds of dollars to repair and there is also the issue of the cost of time lost by having a piece of equipment that is not operational.

Many large corporations are now providing college lanyards to their employees and students. This not only makes certain that employees are wearing their ID, but also gives the company extra advertizing at the same time.

Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards make the ideal travel companion. A vacation should be a time to sit back and relax. A time when you can just enjoy yourself and have no worries. A lanyard can help to make that happen.

When you get to the airport, you will probably have a number of pieces of luggage and then there are all your papers. Rather than trying to hold all your papers, get a lanyard with a pouch option. This makes the perfect place to keep you passport and any other ID that you will need to present to various people as you get your tickets and go through security. Once you have your tickets and boarding pass, these can also be put into the pouch. The great thing about the lanyard is that your hands will be free to juggle your bags and you will not have to dig through your wallet or purse in an effort to produce the papers. Additionally, you can slip the lanyard under your jacket and reduce the chances of anyone stealing it.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will quickly learn that a lanyard can help you every day. Tours are something that many people like to do while traveling. If you plan to spend the day on a bus, you might not want to have to bring along a whole lot of extras. You can slip the few things you might want to bring along into the pouch.

If you are taking any kind of medication, you may just want to enough for the day rather than bringing the entire bottle. You can leave the pills in the hotel safe and not have to worry about them being stolen.

Sunglasses are an item that almost everyone takes on vacation. They are also an item that people tend to leave behind if they are unaccustomed to wearing glasses. Sunscreen is a travel must and should be applied more than once during the day. To ensure that you have it with you it can easily be carried in a lanyards pouch. If you are concerned about bugs, you may to pack some repellent into your case.

Water is a big problem for many travelers. When you are in a different country, it is often suggested that you only drink bottled water. Purchase lanyard with the right attachment is the perfect way to carry a bottle with you as you travel around visiting all the sites.

Carrying money is always a concern when traveling. Experts recommend that you always have some cash with you wherever you go. They also state that you should not leave your wallet or valuables in your hotel room. By using a custom lanyards, you have a safe place to keep a small amount of cash and any other ID that you may need. The rest should be stored in a secure location.

Travel should be fun. However, you also need to be safe. Purchasing lanyards can make both of these things possible. You can still get out, see all the sites, and enjoy the beach while making certain that your personal property is secure.